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Thursday, September 04, 2014

look at this!

I went to look at some sheds - premade - just to get a feel for what Tiny space looks like in person.  and it made me a little sad, the rectangular space.  not to sound like a space cadet (no pun intended) but i like working with a square…there's so much more I can do with a square.  and the video above just hits all the right bells.  yes - i am certain that apartment cost a very pretty nickel to contort.  but i'm also certain that it can be done in a similar and less expensive way.  i don't need European imported gadgetry - but i love how the space was divided and used.  the closets were much more than what I'd need, but the pantry/office i could definitely use.  i love how the seating is rolly and all storage.  i love my new Tiny Table, and i love the long counter/table/island in the video that goes up and down.  so there's a mix of ideas, and maybe my Tiny table can be my new art table.  maybe, we'll see.  but seeing things in person makes a big difference.  that apartment was 550 square feet, and would be more than enough, i think.  it looked downright spacious compared to what i've been looking at!  i measured out the few rooms that i actually use in this house, and it is almost the same.  Plus, I don't use the entire room - for instance, our livingroom is huge (and rectangular!) but i only use 1/4 of it to sit on the couch and watch an occasional movie or tv.  so really, i'm looking at lifestyle - (i'm home a lot) - and space preferences - (i like to have people in for dinner) - and all the things that are important to me.  i'm leaning more towards a Tiny House not on wheels.  still keeping an open mind, and conscious that i live in a snowy, cold climate, so can't depend on outdoor space as usable year round.  i like being tucked in during the winter months, like a bear in a den, but don't want to feel suffocated.  it's an exciting thing going on here.  Tiny Steps.

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