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Monday, September 22, 2014

a 2-fer

while Henry whines for me outside my studio door, i just want to say there is something MaGiCaL about when women gather.  yes.  saturday evening, i hosted Girls Movie night, and 7 neighbors came by bearing gifts of food.  and wine.  lots of wine.  veggies, dips, chip.  did i mention wine?  oh and a movie!  we watched The Neighbors.  so funny.  the rule of GMN is food, wine and a movie that funny and stupid…something you'd rarely admit to watching, but YOU know you want to.  we do.  unashamedly.  we laugh so hard and have bonded so deep. i will miss this in a deep way, and hope i'm invited to GMN at others' houses…and hope the tradition continues.  It's about taking time away from the madness of young kids and cleaning and jobs and whatever else is going on.  one evening a month (more if needed!).  toddling 2 doors down in your sweatpants and sitting with friends.  gossip is allowed, but nothing hurtful, and honestly these are not the hurtful type of women.  (henry is at full wail now).
i'll admit to having, perhaps, one too many glasses of wine.  but i had to be a good hostess and try everyone's offering.  and when i woke to the alarm on sunday, and realized i had to go to brunch with another group of fabulous women…i wasn't thrilled.  and all i thought about was the cost and the car repair bill coming today and next week's kayak adventure…ugh  and i texted my friend and said Not Gonna Do It.  then laid in bed for a minute more and realized i HAD to go.  as much fun as my neighbors were, i enjoy the company of these women also.  and Lynette is such a special friend that i don't get to see often because she lives over an hour away.  so i re-texted and said yes.  and i went.  and it was as lovely as lovely can be.  ever ever ever.  i met some new friends, and 4 of them came shopping in the quaint town of Cazenovia after brunch.  it was the perfect day, weatherwise…warm but not hot, with a touch of a humid breeze.  nothing to curl your hair, but warm and so so perfect.  if i could bottle the day in a jar, i'd label it Perfect.  I may do that :)  While i was brunching, my neighbor texted me - this is why i love my neighbors - and said she "saw my car was gone, and can I walk Henry for you?"  I mean, do you envy me or what?? so that gave me extra time to relax and go about being a friend.  it chokes me up.  
in one of the shops, they sell FlyLondon shoes.  i fell in love with the logo, and began obsessing and chattering about it incessantly.  i finally asked the clerk if she had an empty box or soething with the fly logo on it, and she came out of the back room with an empty shoebox (!) all wrapped nicely in a shopping back!  i mean…wow.  what a gift.  Lynnette pointed out that so so much Good Stuff has been piling on me since the Tiny House decision.  i agree.
Here's the fly.  it's not much here, but in person it's wild and creepy.  and there's a FlyLondon tattoo in the box!  
I'm wild with gratitude after gratitude.  I'm doing a free workshop for my women's group and anyone else who may want to join in, just to get the kinks out and plan for my 10/11 workshop in Binghamton. so so much goodness that i have to say it twice.
okay - Henry's melting down, so time to open the door and let him in…along with the cat who will be annoying and walk across the keyboard.
You Are Able.  yes - you.

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