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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

my Tiny Step for today is to call a friend who has a Tiny log cabin near here.  I just remembered she lived in one!
http://www.bluemoonrising.org just sayin a trip here may be well worth it…just to see Tiny in practice. to see what works and what works well and design ideas and all that stuff.  These don't move, so the bonus is running water (!) with some oomph to it - a thought that has been on my mind. i do love me a hot shower.
funny thing…i am paring down Many Large closets (6'x10' walk ins), and trying to get it down to 1 small broom closet size for my clothes.  1 closet and 3 dresser drawers.  that's my goal.  my closet is becoming full, with the one hanging rod, and last night i started feeling like i had way too much stuff…such an odd thought for me.  i'm usually the one who gets a gold medal in the sport of shopping.  but i felt closed in by, well, the clothes!  i still have way way more than i need, and am finding a weird, lingering attachment to some of the stuff.  i realize i could easily become a hoarder.  in my art studio, there are Things on every surface…bunnies, tiny glass vases in all colors, rocks, etc.  So it's obvious that i will need a separate place for my art studio.  not just for the knick knacks, but for the Real Stuff.
But back to Blue Moon Rising.  I looked carefully at each of the floor plans, and realized that i need more space for entertaining (such as it will be!) than i need for day-to-day living.  a loft bedroom is a must.  but i want the rest of the main floor to be convertible into a dining room and then living room…i LOVE girls movie night, and love to have people over to eat.  so those will be my priorities.  and some of the Tiny's in the Blue Moon have exactly that.  feeling a bit better about it.  still not 100% certain which way i'll go, and i think Michelle is right about visiting both, if you can, before deciding.
ok - Henry is having a burst of energy which can only mean it's go visit the duck time.
wishing you Tiny dreams with Big results!

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