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a full time artist, stepmother, radio personality, and mom to an energetic Chug dog, tries to get through the days without committing a felonious act. My life is a rickety Zen circus.


Thursday, May 30, 2013

yesterday morning, my uncle passed away.  The strange thing was that both my brother and I had planned trips in to see him this week, but wrenches were thrown into the plans and, well, here we are.
He was the husband of my father's favorite sister, and I remember him as a quieter man in a family of boisterous people.  He was a Rabbi, and his children grew up with higher education - doctors, lawyers, executives.  I remember him as a man who's heart was bigger than whatever vision he had for what his family configuration should look like.  At some point, and for reasons that were never explained to me, my family went to live with my aunt & uncle.  all 4 of us.  all of our clothes and toys and beaten down hopes and insecurities.  jammed into a 2 bedroom-and-a-den ranch house in Rochester, NY with my aunt, uncle, and their own 3 kids, 2 boys and a girl.  doubling and tripling up.  to this day, i have no idea where my parents slept...where my cousins slept.  (but i do remember the address and phone number.)  and if this was a problem, it was not apparent to us kids.  we were young, but at an age where little pitchers have big ears, and i don't ever remember hearing voices raised with requests of moving your gypsy family out.  i remember those years as some of the best in my life.  it's where i went to kindergarten.  and accidentally broke joan's violin, and met bobby and michael, and learned how to catch crayfish down by the stream and shoot crabapples from a high window of the rubin's house and developed a mad crush on my cousin's friend, and on my cousins.  so many good things.  because my uncle agreed to let our family come stay.  what discussions went on - i'll never know.  but the point is that when we most needed my aunt & uncle to open their house, they did.  their hearts were already open - they always were.  they didn't say Oh, That's Terrible, I Hope Things Get Better.  Call If You Need Anything.  They knew we needed, and they squished and squeezed and shoehorned till it worked.  and everyone acted as if it was the most normal thing.  i don't ever recall bad behavior on anyone's part because of the inconvenient and difficult extended company.  And I was not an easy kid.
I got a chance to thank my uncle 2 years ago.  I went to visit him in his new assisted living residence.  I toured the building with him, and we talked about all the original artwork on the walls, and in his room.  we talked about nothing and everything.  it was the fullest few hours i have lived recently, and the most difficult.  it took me back to the place where family stood solid together...where my cousins were my brothers and sisters and babysitters, and family reunions brought everyone together for steamed clams and photos.  And it punched deep in my heart that my family had been estranged from all that for 30 years.  i felt like i had been drifting, untethered.  my mom's family had all passed away.  and time had stolen the link to my fathers family.  and here before me was my uncle.  and i am grateful for the opportunity that i had to visit with him, but most grateful for being able to tell him Thank You for opening the doors of his house...that no one had ever properly thanked him, i suspected, and that there was no possible way to fully express what needed to be said.  when i turned to leave, he had tears in his eyes, and there was an awkward moment, but it got said.
It is my bet that the sanctuary of the temple will be standing room only and down the block.  i talked to my cousin last night, and she was amazed at the people who's lives were touched by him - all generations.  he was a man of quiet greatness and i am a better person for knowing him.
thank you Uncle Aaron.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

supersize mine

in my mailbox today from TUT:

It's all self-service...The magic works through you, not for you. 

Just order and show up. If it's not there when you show up, keep showing up until it is.

Their motto is Thoughts Become Things - Choose the good ones. 
I have a problem with a "name it and claim it" faith...whether it's Christianity or so-called New Age, or whatever label has been smacked on the jar.  To me, a person can't just speak out what they want, then sit back and let it roll as they wait for riches and fame and that new car/job/wife/husband/lawn to plop down in their lap.  You do have to Show Up.  You do have to do the work.  and keep doing the work.  The fact that you get out there and do the work will make it work.  sitting in your bedroom typing blog posts won't make it work, unless that's your job.  it isn't my job, so I'm going to cut this rant short, log off, and leave my bedroom to go get a project working.  after i vacuum and while i do laundry.  because my life is very small right now, but it's about to get very supersized, so i appreciate having time to do chores i normally don't like.

Have a beautiful day!

Friday, May 24, 2013


yesterday it was almost too too hot to be in my studio, moving boxes, unpacking, finding little spots and big spots for stuff that needs spots...today - brrr! I have sweat pants and a sweatshirt on.  my toes are freezing.  i'm also tired and overwhelmed with how much i have left to do.  i am going to try to bring a large load over from my Big Girl studio, just so i see what has to fit where.  i can't believe i got all that stuff over there!  i don't remember hauling it all.  but clearly i did, unless there are studio-moving fairies (which there aren't - i would know) and if there were such a thing, i'd be bribing them right now to bring it all back, please.  fairies can be cross & misbehaving though.
today is an exceptional day for many secret reasons.  i'll fill you in later today, but don't want to let the cat out of the bag, so to speak.  (my cat is NOT in a bag - it's just an expression.  and kind of a gross one, now that i really think about it).  bulimia cat has been moping around this house like he needs a cat therapist.  right now, he's sleeping on my new red leather chaise - snoring.  loudly.
okay - time to dig in to the boxes and tubs o' stuff.  enjoy the day, and the long weekend!  (every weekend is a long weekend for me, actually).

Thursday, May 23, 2013

2-fer thursday

whew!  taking a break from emails, website creating, and YES - organizing my studio.  whenever i need a break from one, i work on another one.  And in the midst of all that, came to terms with finding my passion.  I just can't deny it any longer.  will have news Very Soon, but things are about to get very exciting around here.  and yes - hindsight has perfect vision.
on another topic, my dear friend (other) Linda shared her favorite poem with me a while ago, and it is just so gentle and wonderful...fits my mood today - nearly flattened with gratitude for what I have, and what is about to be.   (and the dream about being at a huge house party & dancing the night away with Mick jagger has nothing to do with it!)  (Mick Jagger???).
To me, this poem is about announcing your Selfness to the world, not so much about being sad or mourning.  This life goes forward, yes? and whether we choose to stand still in despair or not, it is moving forward.  think of watching a video, with the little bar at the bottom counting out the seconds spent, and seconds remaining.  We may choose to stay in one spot, mentally, but the time goes forward - it's just that you spent all that time not progressing.   Anyway, here's the poem:

Wild Geese
You do not have to be good.
You do not have to walk on your knees
For a hundred miles through the desert, repenting.
You only have to let the soft animal of your body
love what it loves.
Tell me about despair, yours, and I will tell you mine.
Meanwhile the world goes on.
Meanwhile the sun and the clear pebbles of the rain
are moving across the landscapes,
over the prairies and the deep trees,
the mountains and the rivers.
Meanwhile the wild geese, high in the clean blue air,
are heading home again.
Whoever you are, no matter how lonely,
the world offers itself to your imagination,
calls to you like the wild geese, harsh and exciting --
over and over announcing your place
in the family of things.

~ Mary Oliver ~

i've looked at clouds from both sides now...

After dinner, husband & I went to pick up my new red leather chaise :whoo hoo: and were struck by the clouds - a very weird sky last evening, and being mindful of the horrific devastation in OK, we were a bit uneasy.  We've had tornado warnings beeping into radio & tv shows for a few days now, but nothing, thankfully, has materialized.  but look at these clouds and you tell me if you don't start to feel a little smaller.  they were taken with a phone, so...

these were all taken within a 30 minute stretch of time, and from the same general area.  to the left was brilliant sunshine, then this massive massive starship of a cloud, then clear sky on the other side of it.  wow.  it was terrifyingly beautiful.  it felt alive.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

this email was waiting for me this morning:

Behind your greatest fear, Linda, lies your greatest gift.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Monday, May 20, 2013


from Paulo Coelho's Manuscript Found in Accra...

Beauty is present in all creation, but the dangerous fact is that, because we human beings are often cut off from the Divine Energy, we allow ourselves to be influenced by what other people think.  We deny our own beauty because others can't or won't recognize it.  Instead of accepting ourselves as we are, we try to imitate what we see around us.  We try to be what other people think of as "pretty," and little by little, our soul fades, our will weakens, and all the potential we had to make the world a more beautiful place withers away.
We forget that the world is what we imagine it to be.  We stop being the moonlight and become, instead, the pool of water reflecting it.  Tomorrow, the water will evaporate with the sun.


Thursday, May 16, 2013

for you...be happy today...and if you can't be happy, at least don't drag someone else into the mud with you.  (i say in gentleness not shown in the words).  Practice happy.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

it's true - TWO posts before 7am

But this morning, I received 2 emails from 2 different places.  Completely different.  but the theme was somewhat the same, if you think about it.  they're lengthy but important, i think, for everyone, so i'll share them both here.  the first is from Brave Girls, and I apologize for the wonkiness on the screen.  not sure why that is:
There are many things that spread and spread and spread, far and wide and deep. There are good things, and
there are not so good things. You could be THE ONE who makes a huge difference in not just spreading
 wonderful things, but in making sure that not so good things don’t spread so much.

One of the best ways you can do this, beautiful soul, is to stop the gossip when it gets to you. One of the
fastest moving and most destructive forces around is gossip...and it not only hurts the person(s) who is the subject
 of the conversation, but it hurts the souls of anyone hearing it or spreading it.

A wonderful way to stop stories from spreading is to simply stand up for the person that the story is about when the
story gets to you. If the story has nothing to do with you, if it is not hurting you or your family...then it is really
nothing you want to have around to needlessly ruin your day. Think of how you might feel if someone was speaking
about you the way that others are speaking about someone else. Kindly tell the messenger that you are certain that
there are valuable and wonderful things about this person, and that is what you are choosing to focus on...and let it
go. You could either keep the story moving, or you could stop it with kindness and truth.

Because you see, it really is the truth. EVERYONE has wonderful things about them that we can focus on. If nothing
else, focus on the fact that they are a fellow human being. That should be enough to compel all of us to speak
with only kindness.

It will truly make you feel peace. Spreading gossip never feels peaceful. Stopping it with you will truly make a
difference, far and wide and deep. Let it stop in a peaceful place.

So lovely, loved, amazing friend, go where the peace is.

You are more influential than you know.
You are loved and you can do it.

I would love to go to Brave Girls Camp someday.  but onward here...the second email was this:

The top 10 things people claim to have taken for granted, Linda, when they were alive:

10. How important they were to so many.
9. How easy life was when they stopped struggling.
8. That all of their prayers and thoughts were heard.
7. That there really were no coincidences.
6. How far ripples of their kindness actually spread.
5. What really was important: happiness, friends, love.
4. That any and all of their dreams could have come true.
3. How good looking and fun they always were.
2. How much guidance they received, whenever they asked for help.
1. That God was alive in everything, including themselves.

As expressed by the recently departed, fresh after their life-review on the big, BIG screen. 

The link i see?  Be your best self...look outside yourself...reach outside yourself...your behavior absolutely affects the world, the office, the person standing in front of you. Your behavior can absolutely save a life, or sink someone lower - that last step into the pool. Those concerns that you hold onto and hold onto and hold onto like a prize - they have ingrained a deep rut in your soul, and have affected your life...that you run the risk of only being surrounded by other drowning people because no one else wants the constant sad to rub off on them.  we are all in this lifeboat together...we are all rowing together...whether you sing with gratitude for the lifeboat, or are miserable because you wanted a cruise ship - that's up to you.  but then your job is to not interrupt the rowing, so others can reach their destination.  There is a big happy out there for you, but you need to look for IT instead of the misery where you have gotten attention in the past.  yes - it's time to pull up your big girl tights and participate wonderfully and fully in this wonderful life.
i apologize if it sounds like a verbal spanking here this morning - it was "said" with love & gentleness, but with a little foot tapping.  i believe this message was for a specific person, and i felt love, but saw people turning away from you to avoid the "disease" as i wrote it.  if you feel this is for you, then it may be.
As for me, the message within the message to me is clear.  i receive it and am grateful.
And i am grateful for hearts that are able to burst outwardly....

a little chuckle to start your day:

it's true - the tune will accompany you throughout your day :)

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

studio in progress

1 shelf is mostly done, with smaller treasures sorted into cake tins from the Holla For A Dolla store:

of course, i found much much more that needs placement, so another shelf is in order.  My spanky paint cart is awesome, though:
obviously there is much to do on this side of the room, and i'm grateful for 3 sets of Metro shelving there.  though one corner makes me want to gouge my own eyes out:
i know.  and to think, there is still most of my away-from-home studio to empty.  ugh.  but i have till the end of july, so i'll go as i can go.  yesterday, obviously was not productive, unless you consider sitting with a bag of chips, a box of kleenex, a quilt and endless episodes of Long Island Medium a productive day.  it was a Very Sad day, and there was nothing i could do but let it knock me down and roll me like a drunk.  didn't even lift a finger to try to help myself.  just couldn't.  but today is starting out the complete opposite, with bulimia cat in worried attendance, shadowing me.  hair appointment this afternoon could rock the boat either way :)
okay - giving yukky things enough attention.  onward.  or as my friend Wendy says: Adventure On!

Monday, May 13, 2013

and then i got this note...

The one thing all famous authors, world-class athletes, business tycoons,
singers, actors, and celebrated achievers in any field have in common, Linda,
is that they all began their journeys when they were none of these things.

Yet still, they began their journeys.

You are so poised for greatness,

One day, they're going to name something big after you, Linda!
Like a statue, a college... or a hurricane.

okay.  I accept the message and ask for guidance on where to place my first step.

taking a break...what a slllooowww go today.  well, actually, i stopped for lunch around 1:30 and napped ever since.  i just just got out of the shower.  not lazy...just a sad-ish day, and I chose to avoid it completely.  there is still so much to do in the studio, and even more to bring over from the Big Girl studio, but it will need to wait.  it's time to snuggle into a big comforter, drink some tea, and then nap the rest of the day away.  it's cold out (near freezing this morning), I am temporarily overwhelmed, and am sad for about 300 different reasons.  so thank you for reading, and good night.  we'll try again tomorrow...with apologies to Rob Brezsney, who wrote me the following horoscope for the week:

Capricorn (December 22-January 19)
"I hate a song that makes you think that you are not any good," said iconic songwriter Woody Guthrie. "I hate a song that makes you think that you are just born to lose. Because you are too old or too young or too fat or too slim too ugly or too this or too that. Songs that run you down or poke fun at you. I am out to sing songs that will prove to you that this is your world." Amen, brother Woody! I have the same approach to writing horoscopes. And I'm happy to advise you, Capricorn, that you should have a similar attitude toward everything you put out and take in during the coming week. Just for now, reject all words, ideas, and actions that demoralize and destroy. Treat yourself to a phase of relentless positivity. 
today, I have tubs and tubs and tubs of art supplies to find nooks and crannies for in my home studio.  husband stopped at the Big Girl studio with me yesterday after mothers day brunch, and we loaded up his van.  i've been so excited to load up the new cart, and fit in my stencils and other supplies into specially designed shelves!
I woke up with that Christmas feeling, but it soon hit the dumps -  I spent the morning applying online for jobs and sending out emails to prospective bosses.  on one hand, i have such a huge studio task before me that it's a full time job in itself.  on the other hand, there are so many opportunities i want to take advantage of (travel-wise, workshop-wise) but can't unless i grow some cash.  I have strong confidence that everything will be as it should, and that keeps me from sinking too low.  Meanwhile, I will keep my ears & eyes open, as I continue to work on my studio.  I will say that i have reversed my thoughts on age discrimination...I am finding that longer work experience counts for nothing.  That people see an older worker and think they'll be slow and stupid and unreliable.  especially if they are heavy.  and that is sad.  i do have 1 absolutely positive example, and it shocked me.
I sent a followup email to my former employer - the one that said i always had an open door there?  the one that has been advertising for help in the exact department i was working in?  I guess they (once again) filled the position internally.  America, don't make me lose faith.
ok - back to the studio sorting.  maybe some tunes cranked up will help me out of this cloudy mood.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

happy mothers day to all the moms, stepmoms, surrogate moms, boo boo kissers, diaper changers, collect call accepters, and to anyone who helps guide another through life.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

the studio project is coming along nicely.  with the addition of this awesome cart:

I'll be able to put all my paints and gels and pastes and stuff out in plain sight so I know what I have.  pictures to follow of the OCD organization of the assemblage materials.  (Although I filled the new shelf already and may need another one.  shhh!)

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

coming soon - my workshop

If this video speaks to you...and you would like information about my workshop based on the same theme, leave me a comment with your contact information.  I promise not to publish your info.   oh - and just a reminder: you are beautiful.

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

they say the first step in any recovery is to admit you have a problem.  i am here to tell you that i have an addiction.  i have a fascination, a true and deep need to own any organizational container i see.  i visited a friend in houston many years ago, and we went everywhere there is to go in houston, mostly on VIP passes.  and i had a fabulous time.  however, on the way back to the airport, we had a little extra time, and stopped at The Container Store.  yes.  i almost blew a brainpart.  i cannot begin to tell you.  i almost changed my flight, but my friend was pretty tired of having company by then, so...
but ohhhhh the sizes and colors and uses and just the magnificent volume of the little containers!  yep.  i got it bad.
:big smile:
so why i don't make my living as an organizer is a mystery.  i suppose i should.  maybe i will.  travel to your place and get everything in it's place.  okay, call me.  i'll do it.
now off to find a stainless steel rolling utility cart that can hold more than 50 pounds....

Saturday, May 04, 2013

studio update

wow.  i convinced husband to stagger* up the stairs and help me turn the huge worktable so that the shorter side was against the window wall.  this would leave more room on either side where the shelving is, and also leave a giant ledge so there would now be seating on 3 sides.  he was doubtful* that it could be done, but with a little cajoling*, we tried and succeeded!
this room looks even bigger, and there is plenty of room for my away-from-home studio stuff when it's time for it to come home.  well, most of it.  some will end up on the free pile, i think.  but that's fine - it's there to organize, not to love forever.  so knowing when to say when, i'll stop for tonight, but have a big work day planned tomorrow!
any ideas for storing small assemblage bits so they can be seen but secure?  i have to see my stuff or i forget i have it.

i have been working on clearing my studio out to prepare for the new flooring.  it isn't going to work.  well, it would work - it is exactly possible but...i would need to spend all of my free time for the next few weeks indoors and working on moving everything to this side of the house, lay the floor and then move it all to that side of the house and lay the floor there.  then reassemble.  only to redo yet again when my away-from-home studio comes home.  i choose no.  i gave 1 very full-and-not-over-yet day to  clearing out some of a 10' work table.  i have a trunk load of stuff for the free pile, and the garbage men will hate me next wednesday.  but it is more important to me to have the spring and summer outside.  or  just not doing this project.  again.  so i'll finish clearing out the table (all the storage beneath, as well as the top), and see if we can turn it so it's facing short to long, instead of long to short.  that feels like a better configuration.  and so much of the stuff stored below was just stuff.  things i held onto for what reason?  who knows.  but away it will go.  next weekend is the community-wide garage sale, and i had hoped to pick up a chaise for this studio, but i honestly don't know if i want 1 more stick of furniture in here!  yes i do :)  i envision a bright raspberry chaise in leather or plether or some easy-wipe fabric that's paint and kitty resistant.  ok, back to work.
I am reading Paulo Coelho's newest book,  Manuscript Found in Accra.  His books move me back to center.  His books read my heart back to me.  this one is no exception.  i would love to meet him someday, but i know words would just fail me and i'd stand there in a puddle of tears, so it's best not to wish for that - spare us both!
Lately I've felt (even more) socially out of step...misreading cues when it's my turn to talk, feeling itchy in social situations.  And feeling like I talk too much and say too little, mostly.  and i try to be a good conversationalist - try to ask the questions that, not only are polite, but that i truly want to know about.  without turning the answers into a story about me or my experiences... try to break the old mindset that if i don't verbally vomit everything everything, then they may not ask - it's almost like begging someone to get to know me.  but the weird thing is that i never consciously felt that no one wanted to know me, so i could be wrong - maybe i just talk a lot.  and that bothered me, because i know a talker, and it sucks to hang up the phone and all you did was listen and never got a chance to talk.  so now you're going to be hyper-aware of all this when we talk, right?  oy.
But in Paulo's book (see - there was a point), it talks about going out and just being yourself, in much more eloquent terms.  i call it "living outwardly."  there is nothing that can drag you out of the dumps better than smiling at people when you pass them - not in some crazed, tripping on acid way.  but a friendly smile can make The Difference in someone's life.  I've talked about this before...the day that tried to drag me back to hell with it - and someone held a door for me and smiled at me.  that was all it took, i swear.  it turned my entire day around.  there was something in that small act of kindness that just made it work...made me stop my internal swear-fest and look outside my head to see a world on the other side of my eyeballs.  when i leave the house Every Day for real, I thank God for that wretched day - for every single thing that went wrong just so i could learn that the power of changing the world is a smile.  if i'm having a bad day, i'll name every domino that fell in that bad, wretched day, and remind myself that a bad day is an even more perfect opportunity to learn fantastical things.  and guess what - mostly it works and if nothing else, it takes the power away from the falling dominos and gives it back to you, and YOU decide what to do with the pieces...make lemonade, or let the juice continue to squirt you in the eye.  sometimes, like earlier this past week, when the contractor leaves sheetrock dust All Over The House Including The Hardwoods and it requires many hours of vacuuming and washing and re-washing because it turned to mud and ruined the finish and you cry, sometimes on a day like that - you just stay inside because you know you'll damage someone's karma and you may say fuck dominos falling and i refuse to be thankful for this.  but then you are, because thank God you didn't have him paint.
meanwhile, i have on my To Do list, well, many things.  I have:
1) empty studio
2) if "1" is too overwhelming, go to crawfish festival
3) find capri pants and shorts
4) bag up last year's clothes & donate (You Are NOT that size anymore.  Adjust)

i am leaning toward #2, only because how often is there a crawfish festival in town?  although i once went to houston for one, and when i saw the actual crawfish, i just couldn't eat them...i mean, they serve them with the heads on all looking at you.  i need more distance.  so maybe i should just go with #1.
wishing you a day of brilliant options and smiles given and received.  and glitter, for some reason.

Thursday, May 02, 2013

prepared to be inspired

have you ever been too afraid to do something huge?  have you ever been afraid to be afraid?  watch Miss Yeh and know that you can transform the world
ugh!  I came home from playing with Mary, took one look at my studio and just wanted to nap.  i am overwhelmed with this task of emptying out.  there's still so so so much in here.  but i have to get it done n-o-w.  grrr.

make mine rose colored

I am so excited today! My friend Mary (who's feet don't touch the ground, i swear) will be in town briefly!  There are some people who make you be a better self.  She is one of them.  i don't know how she does it - her life is no less stressful then anyone else's, yet she handles it with grace.  me?  a rickety zen circus.  sometimes graceful, sometimes it seems like a ball of chaos like PigPen in Charlie Brown.  There have been role models of this calm, grace, trust-that-it-will-work-out women sent to my life on a consistent basis, but it's only recently that I can look back and see the beautiful daisy chain of them all.  and i think maybe it's time for me to carry the torch, as well.
after weeks of number crunching, husband has come to see that there is no financial way to get a boat.  it breaks my heart to see his disappointment, but we will take the next year to get our war chest built up so he can walk in with a briefcase of loot and sail away.  till then, i'll have to be his dream boat.ok - time to shower & pick Mary up.  filter well, my friends!

Dear Remarkable Girl,

When you wake up tomorrow morning, sweet friend, beside your bed will be all of the different pairs of glasses that you get to choose to put on to see your world through for the day. It is amazing how this very important decision changes everything, and deciding to put on glasses of truth, optimism, goodness and gratitude will make everything more beautiful, more bearable and ever more fun.

The flip side is that we can all choose to put on glasses of fear, pessimism, anger, resentment and dread too -- and our whole day and everything we see and do will be seen through that kind of filter. Once again, it is amazing how this one important decision at the beginning of the day can change the way we see and experience EVERYTHING.

Soooo beautiful girl, which glasses will you choose to put on? Remember that you can also choose to put down the yucky glasses and put on the good ones at any point in the day, and remember remember remember that when the day is over, put it all away and just BE. Reflect on the beauty of the day and just BE.

You are so very very very loved.

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Wednesday, May 01, 2013


have been feeling the need to become quiet and centered...feeling a pull to the spiritual...feeling highly tuned intuition and sensory aspects of myself pulling me towards - what?  who knows, but there's a lot going on for certain...misunderstandings have led to friendships breaking and falling away...scattered limbs like pick-up sticks of once strong trees rooted in hearts...so many more misunderstandings coming full circle to deeper friendships after apologies and explanations - mouth of the snake grabbing her own tail making the bond even stronger, self now holding self...it's been a raucous few weeks as all this sifting and shifting and planting and nurturing has been going on...i felt myself begin to spin with it, till i was reminded to settle down by a friend.  this has, indeed, been the spring of new growth and change.  and feeling the need to step aside and feed my spirit, i said Yes to 3 days of magic...3 days that have danced just outside my grasp for a few years now...and now i see why, as a friend has jumped up to say Yes also...she will join me as the lake washes away and washes in, and eucalyptus and tea and shimmering moonlight restores our hearts and our spirits...thank you, eb.  thank you judi.  thank you barbara.  thank you kim. thank you broken branches.  thank you seedlings.  thank you all for what you are bringing.  i pray my offering to you is equal.

LATE NOTE: the image of the snake (above) came to me so strong and so undeniably right as i wrote those lines above - demanding my attention.  I looked up "snake" in my animal spirit guides book...i quote: You're about to go through some significant personal changes, so intense and dramatic that an old self will metaphorically die as a new self emerges.  you're going to feel a surge of energy that will sharpen your senses, alert your mental faculties, and open up new channels of awareness...you're about to experience a dramatic and unexpected physical or emotional healing very soon, coming from an unexpected source.