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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

studio in progress

1 shelf is mostly done, with smaller treasures sorted into cake tins from the Holla For A Dolla store:

of course, i found much much more that needs placement, so another shelf is in order.  My spanky paint cart is awesome, though:
obviously there is much to do on this side of the room, and i'm grateful for 3 sets of Metro shelving there.  though one corner makes me want to gouge my own eyes out:
i know.  and to think, there is still most of my away-from-home studio to empty.  ugh.  but i have till the end of july, so i'll go as i can go.  yesterday, obviously was not productive, unless you consider sitting with a bag of chips, a box of kleenex, a quilt and endless episodes of Long Island Medium a productive day.  it was a Very Sad day, and there was nothing i could do but let it knock me down and roll me like a drunk.  didn't even lift a finger to try to help myself.  just couldn't.  but today is starting out the complete opposite, with bulimia cat in worried attendance, shadowing me.  hair appointment this afternoon could rock the boat either way :)
okay - giving yukky things enough attention.  onward.  or as my friend Wendy says: Adventure On!

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