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a full time artist, stepmother, radio personality, and mom to an energetic Chug dog, tries to get through the days without committing a felonious act. My life is a rickety Zen circus.


Thursday, April 30, 2009

every once in a while, if you are very very lucky...very lucky, a person will come into your life as you sit in confusion or fear or non-self-belief or underestimation of yourself. and this person (perhaps not of this earth) will push you and shove you and grab your ear and drag you towards your potential. you may survive. and if you do, perhaps a year later, (or maybe more if you are as stubborn as i am), you will look back for a moment and realize just how lucky, how very lucky, you are to know such a person. despite the I Love Lucy/Kramer/Seinfeld life that leads me, i must have done something very right last life around - i know a coupla people like that. now, the biggest ear-dragger is my angelfriend Georgia. she believed in me as an artist long before i even dared consider it. she'd introduce me to these incredible people as "her friend Linda who's an artist," just as casually as if she was saying i had brown(ish) hair. and i would proceed to swallow my tongue. so anyway, georgia is an incredible published poet. she hangs with the big guns - rather THEY hang with HER, if you want to know the truth. she is wonderful in every aspect and by any measure. her house is a gallery. her garden is absorbing. she is fearless and courageous in ways that would terrify me to think of for more than a moment. and she has a blog...you would love georgia. i do. and although, through her magic, i have met some of the most wonderful, dear, incredible women (like you), this post is about her tonight. and by "through her" i mean not only direct introductions, but also by her courage to become Me, Linda the artist, i have ventured into uncharted waters to meet you. so please let me introduce you to my friend, my manager, my cheerleader, my voice of reason, my kicker of my behind....Georgia Popoff, poet and friend. (her latest book, The Doom Weaver, is awesome!) xox L.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Amish paradise

ok. deep cleansing breath. *sigh* okay. oh y'all! (i wail and wring my hands here) (fat tear slides down cheek). i pray constantly CONSTANTLY that the fates that decided my life would be star-crossed between I Love Lucy and Seinfeld would reconsider. and let me help choose this time. i mean, okay, i AM aware it could be worse, my life...i could have gotten the whole pearl-wearing Donna Reed thing. or Mrs. Partridge. stuck on that damn bus with those kids all banging tambourines not in time with the music and what was that they thought we wouldn't notice the youngest boy was a DIFFERENT BOY ENTIRELY half way through?? i mean, did Shirley just get sick and tired of the other one and swap him out at 6th grade parent day? oy. but back to me. it's my party and i'll cry if i want to. i can't though...i shrug my shoulders like Uncle Sam-the-garbage and shuffle on to the next nightmare of an Incident which is my life. as best as i can figure, the onslaught began friday when i used the term "slack assed wench" in a meeting with my new boss. i picked this term up from Blue Poppy's blog (which is resting) and the term just tickled me. it just rolls off the tongue. and so it did. (you try saying it and you'll see - slack assed wench. say it). of course another team member had just completed a tirade in which the string of words went something like "taking one up the butt for the team" and so it went. we are a colorful team. and somewhat used to sailor-like language from the customers we strive to satisfy. did i mention this was a meeting with our new boss? did i mention she is wonderful and got us, no not raises, but the pima cotton shirts we demanded with the company logo on it (not realizing that produce and insults would be hurled at us when we stopped for some milk on the way home, so beloved is my company). so anyway, the new boss is a quiet VERY quiet soft-spoken woman. in fact so soft-spoken, her words go IN instead of coming OUT of her mouth. she is still trying to get the lay of the proverbial land at the office, so is nice to everyone. in case. me being ever-helpful, had a private meeting with her and laid out the inner dynamics as best i knew them. it's what i do. so i came home after all that day was finally over, and determined it would be a good weekend...art, watching my hawk try to hatch those eggs, and all the et ceterati that comprises a Good Weekend. so imagine my surprise when the gods of thunder rolled through friday night and Diva took to pacing incessantly across my head, drooling in my ear. finally i got up at 5am. in part because a gypsy woman on the west coast is sending messages to my dog to wake me up to make art, and in part because, i don't know why the other part. must've just been the gypsy. so i make art. then get my hair done. then, 2 days after i've paid off my car, yeah THAT day, it starts going RRRRCRUNK whenever it moves, pretty much. oy. and my mechanic is on vacation, no doubt with the procedes from repairing Youngblood's car. okay, so i'll let it rest and make more art. well, first i'll check my email. but wait, first i'll get my IPod going. oh wait...the screen is blank. blank. no musica. de nada. no va. chest clutch. be calm. check emails. take aspirin. get in car quietly so as not to disturb it and buy new Ipod. WHAT! no computer...screen blank. blank! and Pierre is in Vegas. heyyyy...maybe with my mechanic? naw. i am Amish. no car. no IPod. no computer. cold sweat. panic rising. husband's car. whew. this is going long and i sense i'm losing your attention, so let me just say that 3 hours after you try to make your shiny new green nano ipod work, please just call Apple support. they live in this country. they are nice. they are actually helpful. and they have Magic to make things work that didn't by doing the self-same thing you just did oh say 40 times before. magic i tell you. i asked, but no they don't do cars. so it seemed like a good time for dinner. so guess where i went? husband & i went to a sushi restaurant. oh stop - you are already laughing thinking i ordered something freaky like baby octopus by accident, right. guffaw. no but i will say that in Sushi-speak, "crunchy" does not mean fried, or coated with potato chips, or crouton-like. and those teeny red beads are NOT ice cream sprinkles. 'kay. so today thankfully is the last day of the weekend - the last day where i am footloose and on my own to determine my destiny. so i went grocery shopping. did i mention it was warm here today? 78. and remember, my air conditioning blew up Monster green stuff last week? so okay. let's just say that IF you happen to leave a bag of groceries in the car by accident, pray, people, pray that it does not contain 18 eggs, one of which was cracked and you didn't notice. unless Gus slammed it into the cart and it broke just prior to purchase. moot point. my car smells like a medieval hearse. so bad so bad. what is the lesson in all this...this? i have no freaking idea, but i'm torn between being totally pissed off at the life-choosing fates, and praying to God Yahweh begging Him BEGGING him to reconsider a few things. and reminding him that surely one Job in the Bible was Plenty and Enough. now, i am fully aware that these few days is not even a scratch of a tick on the Bad Things scale if viewed from a Universal viewpoint. it was only meant to inform and amuse. and do not try this at home. i'm a trained professional. so good night y'all....guess where i'm going right now? guess...yup. a date with a sponge and carpet cleaner and a pile of cat yark. sleep well. L.

Friday, April 24, 2009

it's been a long week! with a 3-person department, if one person is crabby, that's one-third of the people in a bad mood. just remember that. and it wasn't me. with the new buds bursting on the trees, and a warm breeze skipping about today, a little more of that soul-tectonic shifting has been going on...too soon to form into words...just a niggling of a nebulus of an idea...a thought...a feeling...it's subject line reads: Life vs. Lifestyle. my computer continues to sputter along, so i'll close 1 eye, cross my fingers and hope that it continues on until i can leave it with Pierre. so i've had enough of today for now...what with clawless cats escaping and all manner of chaos at home. so i'm signing off for now. tomorrow...a 6am wakeup call to the worktable....a bunch of Becky Home ec-y fun...a hair appointment....and more art. i'm determined to squeeze in a neighborhood-wide garage sale - that usually nets me tons o' art stuff! xoxL.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Mariah & her babes 2006

Mariah was attacked and nearly killed by another female Peregrine last Sunday...she is receiving excellent care, thanks to the intervention of some humans who stopped the attack. say a prayer for her, please. L.


It was madness trying to photograph this...MADNESS! if you've ever seen one of my altered boxes or shrines in person, you know the detail work involved. to try and capture that was just a frustration. but finally i just said "done" and sent this off. so much has been going on, i almost didn't realize it was time for that to get sent. still no conclusive answer on the hospital deal, so i'll just go on with my life and let them muddle it out. husband called from Vermont and he had thrown his back out...could hardly stand up. he went to a sales call with untied shoes because he couldn't bend down. i say they are lucky he had pants on. he is still in excruciating pain, but like a man, is still trying to do ManStuff. if i say anything, it only makes him more determined, so i walk in front of him and drop stuff and ask him to pick it up. when he can't bend over, then i get to yell at him. what a crew. i'm still trying to get pictures of my new hawk, Willett, in her nest. she is absolutely gorgeous. a Coopers Hawk. she poses on a branch for me in the morning, but i usually only have my camera phone, so the pictures aren't so hot. Kaver never made it back to the nest this year, and a new couple are in town. the female took Mariah to the ground and almost killed her. she was rescued by human interveners and is getting excellent medical care, of this i am positive. i'm usually a proponent of let nature deal with nature, but am very very glad people stepped in this time...i mean this is Mariah. we have a bobcat in the area, along with the coyotes. and the owls have returned. i love the owls, but since they are natural predators of hawks, i'm a bit nervous of them being so close. all of nature is waking up...buds popping on tree branches, daffodils and trillium starting to bloom. it is such a relief to just walk outside without having to bundle up! i am going in to work tomorrow to try to negotiate an early release on wednesdays...i need my yoga class...last week proved to me just how "off my mat" i've gotten. my 4-footers have been playing pranks...i go to sleep with Diva all spooned next to me, and this morning i woke up with a paw on my cheek - a kitty paw. Diva was in her closet retreat area, and Pearl had snuck in next to me. it is an organized and determined effort to drive me to madness. never trust anything with more feet than you, that's my advice. i am headed to Boston in about 2 weeks...traded NYC for Boston. very excited. and depending on how my hospital claims get settled, possibly headed off on a Girl Expedition somewhere oceanic. i am never not ever putting off again. as $$ allow, i'm allowing it. and now - time for dinner. xoxL.

Monday, April 13, 2009

matters of the heart

3am...woken out of a sound sleep. chest pains. 3:30 wake husband. and thus begins a 15 hour odyssey in the Incidents at the ER. which include no food from noon sunday till 9pm monday, due to error, being shot up with benadryl and something else to alleviate the allergic reaction to IV dye, and oh - how could i forget? the ER lockdown when 2 gang members were shot and accidentally brought to the same hospital. all this with no cell reception, shower, toothbrush, or clean underpants. (well, they were clean, but after 12 hours, i need a little freshenup). will take you on this journey later. i am currently on the lam, just a bit, as they wanted me overnight, but i had had plenty enough by 5pm. so by 8pm when they announced my bed was ready upstairs, it confused me since they never asked ME how i felt about being officially admitted. i think if i was still alive after being in their care for 15 hours, i could safely take my chances at home with my diva dog and mommy. (i sent husband to Vermont to make some money to pay for this amusement ride. so i sit freshly showered, clean underpants, and hunger-migraine down to a tolerable level. i will now go eat. and ps, i am so chock full of radioactive gunk, i'll NEVER make it through the airport security. Linda

Saturday, April 11, 2009

I was taunted and challenged by a friend to pick a time to set aside for sacred art time. trying to get back into my usual rhythm of life, i picked saturday morning 6am-8am. friday night, i set my alarm for 5:59 and pulled the covers up. somewhere around 2-3am, my hillbilly husband came in from some sort of ugly fish fishing adventure with his ManPal, and decided to watch some TV before falling asleep. i reset my alarm for 7am, figuring at least i'd get an hour in the studio, but would definitely need the extra hour of sleep. do ya see what's happening here? okay, so wait...still more. i felt guilty about the alarm clock thing, but figured my friend is in Japan and would Never Know. what i didn't know was, she had been in touch with diva by some sort of radar and at 5:45am, diva began nudging me in an urgent way. the minute i got up to let her use her potty, she snuggled onto my pillow, and i swear she gave me The Paw and said "go to your studio." so i did. and began work on the project i had dutifully mapped out the past couple nights. well, i say began. i began trying to work with the paperclay, but hated it for the job i needed it to do. so before i got frustrated and desperate, i sat down with a pencil and paper and began to write. and write. and write. i won't bore you with the details, but it was good. you see, i have a book i've been trying to read called Creative Awakenings. every time i even look at it, i get choked up. and if you notice, a few recent smarmy posts about people throwing themselves off the ledge hoping the universe will catch them? well, short answer: sour grapes. fear. that sort of stuff. so this book has scared me more than Monster Movie Matinee used to. the challenge of it all. and although i am quite certain in my soul and toes that i do not want to be a fulltime artist for the right reasons, there has been another Thing in my heart of hearts for so many years. and THAT is what has been hiding behind the word "art" in all the "leap for the stars" messages to me. yes...i am an artist. yes, i do believe i am a good one. but i feel my (forgive me for using this word...) Journey is another one. not to leave art by the side, but to begin to Live The Dream. i was in tears by the time i was done. it was a relief to know what the lurker had been in heart all this time. i will post more about that later. i'm still working on my CrowWoman, and getting tired! diva had a mixed review at her vet appt today ...she was very very good and didn't bite the vet, which surprised me...the vet doesn't know her well yet and just took it for granted that i would have warned her if there was danger. i thought i'd see how long she could go (diva) before the strain of being good gave out. she even had a spa day in the back without incident. she does have 2 tumors though. rather large. 1 is a fatty tumor which is no big deal to remove. the other...we won't know until surgery day exactly what it is. so a full day all around. thank you for being on this journey with me, y'all. now happy Easter, or Mazel Tov, or whatever you may celebrate....L.

Friday, April 10, 2009

so before the Blue Screen Of Death rears it's ugly head again...a quick post. first: Happy Easter, Happy Passover, and to all who are celebrating anything else: the best of it. so here's my new plan for Life: it's simple. almost mathematical in it's resolution. my priorities are this, and in order of importance (mostly): Diva, art, personal hygiene, sustenance, everything else. So, from Now On, weekdays will follow the same general rut -er- schedule in the morning, however, i will obey my body after....eat? sleep? play with dog? now, weekends...6am-8am sat - sacred art time. door to studio closed...IPod on earbleed volume if need be...no disturbances. throughout the week i will gel an idea to work on. after 8am - walk the dog, take a break, then start laundry and make more studio time. my pulse is racing already! this schedule should please any West Coast Stalker, and makes me happy. i fear Swirly, and will bow to her wisdom. sunday - much as it pains me...weggers. all this Great Big Life laid out like this is astounding, i know. however, the other Big Change is this: I will only be posting on weekends. i am too tired during the week to do anyone any good, and will end up being a downer, so hopefully i'll save up the good stuff and spew it forth on the weekend. this will save YOU time, as well...not having to check back. (i'm totally killing myself with chuckles here...as if the world is holding it's breath just waiting for my next post!) (although, according to my statchecker, there are readers in Germany, the Ukraine, Canada, Japan, and a slew of other places that don't even speak my language. go figure). in between posts, amuse yourself with Dad Gone Mad blog. he is one of the funniest people i've read, and now has a new book. i'm too tired to find his link, but google him. i'm also going to start belly dancing, if Lynn ever calls me back to book a time. (READING THIS BLOG DOES NOT CONSTITUTE BEING IN TOUCH... I DON"T KNOW YOU"RE READING IT AND THINK YOU'RE MAD AT ME!). love you Lynn. so i'm off to tickle diva's tummy...grandma stole her thursday and just returned her. no doubt with diarrhea as usual. i'll let you know how the Plan goes. you know me. L.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

today was to be my Art Day...i crammed all my Chore-type things into yesterday...made husband do the laundry...and then woke up today with that focused, stillness that said YES to my artistic bones. but first but first but first. then it was 1 o'clock before i rolled out the canvas-y fabric that was to be the background to the backing of a quilt for G. i stared at it. and felt that old familiar lack of enthusiasm feeling...not for this project, because it is fabulous and she is fabulous...just a feeling of blechh, as they used to say in MAD magazine. i could just go nap for the rest of the day till it's time for bed. i have been chasing myself around for months now and don't understand the lack of ease in my own skin, or own Self. i feel challenged by my own art...a chip on the shoulder type of challenge. last night, as i dozed on the couch with the last flicker of firelight dancing in the fireplace, my eyes closed, and with a quick smell of woodsmoke i thought, "i hope the wind doesn't blow embers onto the roof," because my half-awake mind is not to be trusted. and i asked my sleepy self how i would feel if my studio were to be gone ...by fire or whatever means. and in that half awake/half asleep nether place, i thought "relieved." which probably accounts for my chasing a dancing muse on roller skates, as cheryl ann costa says. i feel out of sorts and somewhat unSelf-like..not depressed...just, well: BLECHH. it's as if the delicate balance was tipped when i gave over 2 more days to the Big Girl Job. when i was a news anchor, we had a girl that worked 4 hours a week as a reporter, and the rest of the time she was a waitress at a local restaurant. but when you asked her what she did for a living, she'd always say she was a reporter. newsrooms being the cold, heart-ripping, backstabbing, sabotaging places they are, we'd say that hour-for-hour she was a waitress who worked as a reporter part-time. but see now i understand better. i "AM" an artist....it's WHO i am. i now only have 1-ish days to work at it but i am no less an artist. i just hate to be in the middle of the flow of it all and have to stop to get my school clothes ready for monday and the bus. i may have to quit the big girl thing. but for now, i've probably sucked any life that you may have had right out, so i'll go be a dark cloud elsewhere. sorry. it's just those plates shifting beneath the crust. L.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

the verdict: well, remember when there was a huge recall on contact lens solution because it was tainted and people were going blind? i thought "how lucky I'm wearing glasses for a while!" and went about life. well i finally got around to re-upping my prescription, got my contacts, and had this huge bottle of contact solution from before, so used it. der. you know the rest. someone has replaced my left eye with a fireball candy. oh so attractive, and feels absolutely brilliant....sort of like opening your eyes in a tanning booth. for 5 minutes. i would imagine, since that's one faux pas i've yet to commit. so i have drops and will likely make a full recovery. new topic. i feel out-of-the-loop. and not to drag last year around like a woobie, but last year was so very....everything. i quit smoking, i found my inner center, my spiritual place, and actually anchored it...my art - although not prolific as in the past - was special and meaningful, and had begun to speak to me again...i felt like every salad dressing commercial - very hip, very knowing, very Carole King. as these days drag by, i feel more left- brained or no-brained. very forgetful. very, well, empty. where things of wonder found me last year, i now find that i have to go looking for them. i seem to find them, but that quiet, gentle whisper of certainty...that almost clairvoyance with nature - not as evident unless i spend time waiting and searching. perhaps that's the lesson for this year....stop. look. listen. funny how it all comes back to the playground. and as my days become filled with work/sleep/work, i think i may miss my dedicated art time like a best friend at the end of summer camp. i've been trying to finish a quilt for a very special person since Last Year, and sheesh. last year i felt full and able...i felt like a nuturer. now, i just want my Girl Posse to hold me up and say nice things and remind me that things are not lost if someone remembers them. maybe i'm just tired. maybe i need a break. maybe as i suspect, Change is coming, things are shifting tectonically. maybe. but you know, right now i'm exhausted and feel a pointless ramble coming on, so night y'all. L.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

so how do you know? it seems every area of my life has growing pains right now. and yet...i feel like this has been a year of non-growth...almost stagnation...i find myself in nearly the same mindset as last year...definately in the same living circumstances and job and all the exteriorly measured things on a checklist. but what did i crave last year? what did i want to strive for? what was my passionate wish to make true? i am here. it isn't a bad "here," externally speaking. i have no complaints about a steady job and nice house and food and all those things that make you silently touch wood or cross yourself gratefully when talking to others that don't have them. but inside...and the outward manifestation of that internal compass...where is that pointing? and am i pointing in the same direction? i don't think so. and i wonder why. things got busy. yes, but if a passion is truly a Passion, then busy can't get busy enough to deter you. am i afraid to make a move, so i stand cement-footed to my easy way of life? maybe. fear and i are old friends. but make a move from what, and to what? i'm not a person who can stand on the edge, close my eyes, and swan dive off into whatever-ness hoping that somehow i'll snag on a branch and live happily ever after. i'm the one who needs to see if there's rock below, or water, and how deep, and how cold, and are there any fish in it...any big fish? you get the point. i need guarantees. or at least a plan A and a plan B. i don't want to fling off my somewhat ordinary days for the unknown, having established that in my life, the unknown has never been kind. so, having also established that i don't really care to make art my full time job, what dream goes in the void? would i like to be a full time artist (as if it could be turned on and off with the clock!)...yes, i would. but not to depend on sales of sculptures and commissions to feed the belly. just to be able to create for the sheer expression of it...yes! but what a luxury. and why is that? so i sit tonight, with the best cup of tea ever, a quiet house, and my thoughts. and a gentle tugging and urging and slightly uncomfortable feeling that tells me Change is in the wind...the crows know, as they swarmed my house today. my time for Change is usually August...but hell, maybe menopause throws that off too. but i feel like some time in a totally inspiring environment is needed...an overload of the senses is in order...new food...new smells...news bright colors...and sounds...and at the same time, some extended, focused down time to re-set the course, gather the sails, and do whatever else sailors do to get their ship together and out of the safe harbor, and into adventure. ahoy y'all....L.