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Wednesday, May 01, 2013


have been feeling the need to become quiet and centered...feeling a pull to the spiritual...feeling highly tuned intuition and sensory aspects of myself pulling me towards - what?  who knows, but there's a lot going on for certain...misunderstandings have led to friendships breaking and falling away...scattered limbs like pick-up sticks of once strong trees rooted in hearts...so many more misunderstandings coming full circle to deeper friendships after apologies and explanations - mouth of the snake grabbing her own tail making the bond even stronger, self now holding self...it's been a raucous few weeks as all this sifting and shifting and planting and nurturing has been going on...i felt myself begin to spin with it, till i was reminded to settle down by a friend.  this has, indeed, been the spring of new growth and change.  and feeling the need to step aside and feed my spirit, i said Yes to 3 days of magic...3 days that have danced just outside my grasp for a few years now...and now i see why, as a friend has jumped up to say Yes also...she will join me as the lake washes away and washes in, and eucalyptus and tea and shimmering moonlight restores our hearts and our spirits...thank you, eb.  thank you judi.  thank you barbara.  thank you kim. thank you broken branches.  thank you seedlings.  thank you all for what you are bringing.  i pray my offering to you is equal.

LATE NOTE: the image of the snake (above) came to me so strong and so undeniably right as i wrote those lines above - demanding my attention.  I looked up "snake" in my animal spirit guides book...i quote: You're about to go through some significant personal changes, so intense and dramatic that an old self will metaphorically die as a new self emerges.  you're going to feel a surge of energy that will sharpen your senses, alert your mental faculties, and open up new channels of awareness...you're about to experience a dramatic and unexpected physical or emotional healing very soon, coming from an unexpected source.

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