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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

supersize mine

in my mailbox today from TUT:

It's all self-service...The magic works through you, not for you. 

Just order and show up. If it's not there when you show up, keep showing up until it is.

Their motto is Thoughts Become Things - Choose the good ones. 
I have a problem with a "name it and claim it" faith...whether it's Christianity or so-called New Age, or whatever label has been smacked on the jar.  To me, a person can't just speak out what they want, then sit back and let it roll as they wait for riches and fame and that new car/job/wife/husband/lawn to plop down in their lap.  You do have to Show Up.  You do have to do the work.  and keep doing the work.  The fact that you get out there and do the work will make it work.  sitting in your bedroom typing blog posts won't make it work, unless that's your job.  it isn't my job, so I'm going to cut this rant short, log off, and leave my bedroom to go get a project working.  after i vacuum and while i do laundry.  because my life is very small right now, but it's about to get very supersized, so i appreciate having time to do chores i normally don't like.

Have a beautiful day!


Kim Mailhot said...

Can we all really live big, super-sized lives ? I am thinking that small, beautifully lived ones are just as valuable to this world too. For me it is the depth of connection to other hearts and to my own creative juice that is the key, more than the size...
Just thoughts...
Enjoying the tiny today !
Love ya !

her father's daughter said...

i agree, but I'd like to supersize the part about Just Showing Up....supersize, as in magnification-wise, as in huge letters on my bathroom mirror so i don't get slouchy & content to wander in my bathrobe. this project that coming up is supersized, though. and i am in love with it.

her father's daughter said...

and by the way - your specific life, my dearest heart, is so beautifully lived that it reaches out big whether you intended it or not, whether you feel it or not. it just does.