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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

todays Tiny Step & a random photo

todays Tiny step:  I downloaded a book by Nancy Levin called "Jump, and your life will appear."  Here's the thing…the 90's were all about Vision Boards and Fire Circles and squeezing your eyes tightly shut while exclaiming I Believe I Believe, and hoping all your dreams would magically land at your feet like a sparkly cotton candy prize delivered by a pink unicorn speaking french.  no, mon petite.  it will not happen.  and yes - i believe you need a vision, and one you believe in so strongly and with enough certainty that you will get up off your couch and walk toward it through rain and snow and high winds and flooding. (is that the post office??) no, not every single thing has to be that dramatic, for instance - grocery shopping…you don't need to grab crampons and BeLiEvE you want those mangos SO SO badly that you'll fend off super coupon-ers to get them.  just buy the mangos.  and the same is true for so much of life.  but the important Thing…the general direction or your strong Due North…you can't sit on your tush waiting for it.  if there's not enough of a desire for it that you'll work for it, then honey it isn't your truth.  it you trying on someone else's style because you admire them.  and no amount of cutup magazines and sketchbooks will ever make that cloak fit.  you have your own adventure…your own truth…your own shiny path & journey.  taste the rainbow of another's dreams to get inspired, but acknowledge that it isn't yours.  find yours.  move toward it.  on a parallel thought - ever notice how "fortune tellers" tell everyone they were a king or an important person in a past life?  were there ever any commoners?  The Just Joe's who make the world go around day-to-day?  same here…there are lives we bump into that are amazing - they've gone from literal rags to riches and back and forth a few times.  they are solid and calm and everything we wish we were, so we start buying the same clothes as they wear, and decorating our houses the same, and starting a blog, and feeling blue when they are.  it doesn't work, and it's as silly as me dressing like my Perfect Stepdaughter.  (who is 30 years younger and 60 pounds lighter and is Perfect).  my point is - discover your dream as you move through your life…your dream is your purpose (you'll see)…it will not drop into your lap…you can do this.  you are able.  don't disrespect yourself by denying your dreams aren't good enough…they are plenty and enough, and exactly what is needed in the world.  whether you are a stay at home mom, or a cake baker, or a corporate CEO or busdriver or artist…YOU are the dream and YOU are the purpose…it is through you that others are reached, through who you authentically are.  be you.

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