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Monday, September 29, 2014

in my inbox, and Power Tools

"Linda, if you know what you want; if you've made up your mind; if you can see it, feel it, and move toward it in some small way every single day…it has to happen. xxxooo  Linda, move toward it in some small way every single day."
from TUT
Someone's been looking in my window :)
Now, I know that every single person that subscribes to TUT got the same sentiment, but does that lessen it's power…it's meaning…it's downright thunk-in-the-heart assurance?  things are what we make them…a feather found is just a feather found, unless we imbue it with power.  every single thing in our lives - yes, and people too - only have the power we give them.  take money, for example - there are many women who do not have access to the family money…their husband/boyfriend/trust manager keeps a lock on it, and they must ask for every nickel.  in that case, money can be given power.  for a woman who has unlimited access to money, it can be a tool to purchase, or to help or to just move about the day.  so every thing in our lives, or our lives wished for, can only have the power we give it…people, places, animals, thing, rock, paper, scissors - oh, sorry.  that includes emotions….anger directed at us can only wound as deep as we let it…likewise love or peacefulness.  WE are the ones who give the power to the thing.  i wanted to clean my Perfect Stepdaughter's room a while back when she actually lived here, but i knew there may be things in there that looked like junk to (even) me, but were special to her.  sure enough…some lint that was on her dresser belonged to a very special blanket from a very special 4-legged who was gone.  i am SO SO glad i didn't scoop it away.  that lint held power for her.
so my life has been held at bay while i stood in the center of indecision and clutter.  i stepped out at the 12-o'clock position of the circle, made everything line up as it may, and have dealt with each and every thing as it was presented next in line…small steps…or Tiny Steps…one day it may be to look at land, the next day to clear clutter from a closet, and the next day spend time in the woods working out an emotional attachment to a thing or clear something from my core that i no longer want there.  we drag this shit around like a woobie blanket…we are no longer our 7th grade selves.  and most importantly - We control the power these things have, and the power we allow them to have.
My studio has been a source of cement for some time - it has kept my feet stuck in the same spot for many many years.  why?  because my studio is larger than any Tiny House I might design or live in.  so even before the Tiny House idea, i couldn't imagine finding a place i could afford that would allow for the space i needed for all this Stuff.  so it grew moss on me.  well, time to get my life on, and i am keeping the Stuff that is irreplaceable, or very expensive to replace IF i actually use it, and aside from the basics…out.  plus, i found and rented a studio space, so now my art supplies can have their own Tiny House, and I have a place to hold workshops for money!  winner winner chicken dinner!
i have some amazing Kayaking and fall foliage stories to tell you, but now it's time to play with my favorite thing: Henry!
You got the POWER, baby!

and just for fun…

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