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a full time artist, stepmother, radio personality, and mom to an energetic Chug dog, tries to get through the days without committing a felonious act. My life is a rickety Zen circus.


Saturday, August 02, 2008


what a day...(still no font choice...sorry). sunny and pretty in the morning, with a trip to the farmers market, then major clouds and thunder in the afternoon. our camping "trip" got thundered out last night as well...husband had just complemented diva on what a good camper she was, when she spied heat lightening. oh boy. she may not have thumbs, but she can sure "nose" a zipper open to a tent flap! after bringing her back twice, and having her march across my head panting and drooling on me, i figured the chances of enjoyment of this folly had been reduced to near nil. so we grabbed pillows and chewies and woobies and headed inside. she was never afraid of thunder till she saw keeter freak. oy. i watched "2 Weeks" with Sally Field this afternoon...bawled my head off. (well - sally wasn't watching it WITH me...she was IN the movie.) so i'm off to disassemble clothing for a special memory quilt. yes...those are rearing their ugly head at me again...but this one i do gladly and with much enjoyment. besides, after struggling and swearing my way thru so many that came before, it will be nice to do one that goes smoothly. (now Lynn...stop laughing or i swear i will be calling you at an odd hour when my frustration has reached max capacity). ok we're good now. L.

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