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Monday, August 04, 2008

the flu

my computer has a virus so bad that the computer fix-it guy has spent over 2 hours just trying to load anti-virus software on it...ths particular virus blocks the anti-virus software. (not THIS computer - don't worry!). it has to stay overnight. i feel so guilty. i also feel sooo tired. day 5 on my anti-smoking drug...smoked a lot today. also napped incessantly. up at 5am for 5 mins. back to sleep till 6:15 when my actual alarm went off. back to bed at 7:30-9:15. only got up then because i felt like a slug, but found my pillow again briefly till 10:30. dozed in a chair in the computer place around 2:30, then came home and slept till 4:30 when the phone rang. so not like me at all. i have a feeling it's the pills. which won't be such a great thing, so i'd better get motivated here and q-u-i-t. honestly i could just go right back to sleep. poor diva feels abandoned. this morning i had a mourning dove at my window feeder...they're really too big to be using it, but don't tell them. it's the same every time...they fly in like huge zepplin, their beaks hit the window as they land ON TOP of the feeder. then they stare in at me for a bit while they collect their wits and try to figure out how to get at the seed. eventually they'll hop down into the feeder beside the one they've landed on. they look so soft, i just want to cuddle one...and their color - a dusty brown? brownish gray? the closest description i can think of: Necco wafer brown. with that same dusty stuff on it. god i love those! well, i should eat before i nap again. husband made some killer salsa. everytime i open the fridge it singes my hair. maybe a nacho platter for dinner. nice and fat free, eh? tomorrow. L.

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