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Sunday, August 24, 2008

the love that launched it all

so, 2 years ago today I said goodbye to my 4-legged love, and launched this blog. i still miss him...such a special creature. From time to time, i see a glimpse of him in DivaDog, as she patiently holds my hand down and licks it till she falls asleep...her human binkie. So much has happened, and so much has Not happened in the past 2 years...i've learned so much about myself, about my journey, my path. i've learned to be content with some things, and others - strive to get past, reach further, expect more. and for the most part, i've listened to my heart and intuition and done pretty good. this being August, though, anything can still happen! smoking, for instance. Still not smoking, but really wanting to for the past few days. still with the period thing. STILL. unusual even for me. someone needs to write a book about menopause...what to expect, etc. i'll suggest it to my doctor. the past two weeks i've been so tired all i want to do is sleep...taking thursday off and doing exactly that all day. all day. my usual "art at 5am, nap at 9am, art till noon or 2, nap till 3 or 4" routine has been hijacked by the thought of my cozy pillow. i've had to shut my bedroom door so i don't even SEE the bed, or else i'm prone to be prone. is it the Chantix? the period? both? neither? who knows. i DO know i'd love to be back there now. SO. in 2 weeks 2 weeks! i'll be headed to Squam! i am uber-excited (in my tired way)! okay - calling all bets - NO i have NOT begun to pack yet. maybe this week. stepgirl was dropped off for her first go-round at college. i wasn't able to go with everyone, due to the annual company conference at the casino (won $40). i texted her yesterday though and she LOVES it. wonder what form of trouble she's been in already that she LOVES it? anyway, she's far enough away that she can't pop in like her brother seems wont to do, although this year he'll be returning sans vehicle. yes, it is in fact a punishment, but to tell the truth, i'm not certain his car HAS one more trip left in it. but all the same, we'll be confiscating the garage door openers so we can finally change the code and be able to actually secure the house & go on vacation! of course, not to be outdone, his mom had cameras installed around her property, as well as changing all access codes. and she can go for a Live Look on-line. that seemed excessive, but i have to admit, the steel cage dropping from the entryway idea i had may have seemed a little over the top to some. well, my bunnydog is up...blinking the sandman from her eyes. her fur is still needing a quick shake and she's all sleep-warm and goofy. time to go out. L.

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