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a full time artist, stepmother, radio personality, and mom to an energetic Chug dog, tries to get through the days without committing a felonious act. My life is a rickety Zen circus.


Friday, August 08, 2008

cross your fingers!

i may be back in the electronic age....i'm trying not to look directly at my computer and maybe it won't realize it's working. so i'll type fast. still no font choice - sorry. and still only-occasional email so don't send me those forwarded jokes that virused up my computer in the first place. they aren't kidding about send it to 1.2 million people OR ELSE. and ps my address book is gone for good i think, so send me a nice hello so i can rebuild it. so after 1 week of Amish-ness, i realized just how much time i waste sitting here staring at this box. between quitting smoking (still in progress) and quitting internet, i should add about a month onto my life! now i'm not quite ready to quit the internet entirely...as you can see, (or smoking) but honestly it was getting a little silly. i always mock my husband out for his Weather Channel addiction. we will be in the middle of a hurricane and he has to check his blackberry to see what the weather's doing. it's like, HELLO! look out the windowberry. and yet here i am kanoodling around blogs and websites thinking, "gee, i wish i could..." Well, i'm here to tell you, i CAN. if i start Doing, and stop wasting my time. not that every blog is a waste of time (this one included) (tee) it's just time spent peeking into someone else's life, is time not available to live your own. (except this blog) :) you know what i mean. so i will carefully and trepidiciously click the Publish button and hope for the best. go DO something swell! L.


Swirly said...

I think the fact that you felt like you had a type fast in case your computer decided to freak out again was what made this entry so brilliant...free flowing thought that led to some very wise observations. I love it.

Good luck with your computer...I lost my entire address book this year too...three times. Yeesh.

kitasmom said...

oh hey y'all...go to swirly's blog, and her etsy site and BUY HER BOOK! i can only afford so many, so a few of you can pretty much figure out what christmas holds for you, BUT - which few? this book is worth crawling for. amazing. if i could do what she does, i would not be able to stand myself. L.