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a full time artist, stepmother, radio personality, and mom to an energetic Chug dog, tries to get through the days without committing a felonious act. My life is a rickety Zen circus.


Sunday, August 03, 2008


STILL NO FONT CHOICE. breathe. okay...just an fyi...some kind of virtual hex has been visited upon me...i am in a semi-crash situation, and will be unable to send or receive emails. suddenly and out of the clear blue, my computer wants me to provide it with a password to get on my outlook email site. monty python-esque. i have no idea what password it'sooking for, since i've NEVER HAD ONE to do this function. i did however have one to use my System Administrator Super Powers. well, i suppose i still DO but haven't needed it in 6 years so have NO IDEA what it is. and - guess what?? in order to change my now-needed email password to something i can remember (after 8 hours of futzing with this, i can think of a few choice ones...none shining a favorable light on microsoft which has no HELP phone number) in order to do that, i need to -you guessed it - sign on with my Sytem Administrator Super Powers. i am right now at this moment using the steppers extra laptop computer which you have to hold upside down while pushing the ON button. no lie or exaggeration. why? you may ask. Blogger isn't email, so why, pray tell? well, let me tell you. beCAUSE my INTERNET connection ISN'T working EITHER. rather it is - then isn't - then is. i called verizon who determined that since EVERY OTHER computer in the house works AOK, it's my wireless router and gave me the phone number to the offshore Lyncsys helpline where i spent the most painful 2 hours with "Mike" spelling out words like p-i-n-g and such, and then determining that the p-i-n-g came back fine, and the lying S.O.B. wireless thingie said it was operational and had excellent manly strength. strong like bull, in fact. super strong. till Mike hung up. then it stuck it's virtual tongue out, gave me the finger and shut down. (insert BANSHEE SCREAM). husband was dragged upstairs for a go at the computer. he noodled around, but honestly i think he knows less than me. I JUST WANT IT TO WORK is that so wrong?? this week you must call me....no email...do it old school. call or write a real letter with a licky stamp. i cannot get email **sob** I am Amish. "why???" i ask. "WHY couldn't this happen to the kids?? why me??" and here i am trying to quit smoking. sweet jesus i could just commit a crime. please pray for me. and please let me know somehow that you are out there and care. clearly i'm dismantling. i already miss all those stupid "forwards" that people send thinking oh ha-ha maybe SHE'LL like it. i do like them, i'll admit it, and i miss them already. but do not jam up my mailbox with them this week or as debbies father says - i'll snatch you baldheaded. L.

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