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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

a nancy kerrigan day

remember the famous quote...."WWWWHHHHHYYYYY? WHY????" sums it up the past few days. i have scrubbed every inch of dog and carpet to within moments of their demise. i have sworn to all humanity that if i EVER catch that self-same skunk, i will give it The Eye and never not EVER will it do this to ANY thing Again ever. end of story. well, not the Actual story...just stinky cat's. Diva is still slightly ripe, and has a strange little chunk of fur missing from the top of her fuzzy little keppie. my neighbor says it looks like a Nike swoop. don't stare if you see her - she gets embarrassed. yes, she moved while i was shaving the stink off her. yes, i used my husband's razor...the beard trimmer thingie. youngblood borrowed the actual dog clippers. i think we told him they were hair clippers at some point. thankfully i don't own anything electric that someone else can borrow and misuse. except my toothbrush....heyyyyy. naw. so the Rug Doctor Redux event was followed today by the Gyno Doctor event. yes. i Still STILL have my period. which disappeared last february if you remember correctly, or have just heard my revolving rant lately. WHY WHY WHY i ask myself, and now my dr? i asked her to perform a spontanious hysterectomy today and she declined. i threatened to go home and do it myself using a hemostat from my doll-making supplies, a pizza cutter, and soldering iron. she got a good laugh out of that, then glimpsed the look in my eye that said maybe....maybe not...feeling lucky? so we agreed that she would prescribe this "designer motrin" type thing that not only relieves pain, but slows down the flow. then, we wait and watch. i have a biopsy scheduled for late september and that will factor into everything as well. it would have been so easy to just be a man. so i reminded husband about his comment that if i quit smoking, and he quit child-support that i'd be able to quit my job. i say "remind" because he claims to have forgotten. hah. so his question was "why would you WANT to quit your job?? and do WHAT?? to do NOTHING?" oy is he ever lucky to be alive. i said "No dear...i want to spend all day every day making sure your whites are whiter and colors brighter and making pot roast and veggies and mashed potatos from scratch." i mean, really now...Nothing? hmmm. oh yeah - i could play art. silly man. i must change the subject Right Now. so depending on what room of my house you stand in, it's either a lavender/vanilla scent, sweet water (whatever THAT is), or mango. none of these scents actually match what you'd expect. except the lavender which smells suspiciously like mothballs & grandma's hankie. i am just so excited about squam! i even bought new jammies. i returned my new workout wear & traded for them. The clerk asked Reason For Return, and i told him I'd outgrown spandex, apparently. when he asked if i'd like to try another size (a woman would never ask that) i cried a bit and declined. another random thing....my neighbor's daughter met YES MET and had a picture taken with TY Pennington. yes that ty. the ty i wanted for my birthday 2 years ago, only to get pots and pans. i wanted him for my birthday again this year, but the surprise party really did trump it. so i want him for easter now. or passover. you pick. but the point is...there he was. and she had a camera. and he looks just like he does. another random thing....i found 2 koi. like, the fish koi. and i need a home for them. they aren't happy where they are. i'm hoping gail will take them, as she is familiar with their needs, due to having a koi pond in her perfect yard. her yard is perfect, too. it's like a magazine. i can't go there or i won't want to leave. that perfect. perfect in a wonderful way...not in a fussy don't-step-on-the-grass way. so enough random things. it's 20:08 according to my computer ....1 last thing to irritate me but i won't acknowledge that it's military time, even though i changed it. hah. so sleep well tonight, and dream good dreams to do good things. then make them happen. L.

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