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a full time artist, stepmother, radio personality, and mom to an energetic Chug dog, tries to get through the days without committing a felonious act. My life is a rickety Zen circus.


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

shhhh! with the exception of my font choice, and my "X" key, i may be back in the 21st computing century. i even outsmarted my PASSWORD thingie on my email. husband asked if i used artificial intelligence. i replied no, and that it would not be an artificial pillow held over his face as he sleeps tonight either. sheesh. i am proud and surprised with that husband tonight though. after his declaration that he had cooked his last %#$&(&% meal for kids that showed up whenever they felt like it, he has actually stuck to it. and tonight as youngblood stared into the depths of the fridge sighing heavily and pacing, he stood by his decision. and when youngblood demanded money to go buy groceries, husband pointed out all the delicious entries that could be had, if one had planned ahead and defrosted them. being on a restricted diet as youngblood is (by his own doing), it sort of limits the choices, and does demand some forethought. but being a resourceful kid, he finally called a friend and went there for dinner. they were having his only acceptable meal - boneless, skinless chicken breasts. and water. bottled. oy. 3 more weeks til school starts. i've already informed husband that if we should somehow find ourselves still married nexxt summer, then i'll be getting my own place for a few months. start saving. so i feel very rested today, having slept 11 straight hours yesterday. the chantix is making me uber-drowsy. i drifted off while reading Oprah magazine around 7:30-ish, on the couch, and woke up at 6:30am in my bed. with a pj top on. no recollection of how i got there. now THAT hasn't happened since high school! i mean....never mind. luckily i remembered to change into real clothes BEFORE going to work. oh and hey! i made it to the 3rd page of the company newsletter! of course i look all doofy and old, but who cares. right there i am, standing amid skunks and hummingbirds and squirrels and Fuller the woodchuck. my arm casually draped over an autoclave as if i know the first operational thing about it. so now everyone in the company can see my picture and go "hey...remember her? wasn't she the one who got fired for....?" not so. not yet, anyway. well, i feel a random and uninteresting ramble about to spout, so i'm saying goodnight before y'all find and re-disconnect my internet. L.

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