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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Today's tiny step? I went up in the attic (yes) over the garage (pull down creaky stairs, reach for the pull cord for the light, blindly waving about), and brought down one of those ginormous Sterlite tubs filled...with
                                                          Packing peanuts.
Filled. With. Packing. Peanuts.  I'm not sure how they got there, or why they've been so lovingly preserved.  But they are now in a lovely bag by the trash, to be curb-alerted or tossed.  And I have one of those Sterlite tubs I'm so incredibly fond of.  Today's rainy day tiny step (on top of going up in that damn attic and pulling the tub down) will be clearing through the rest of my clothes, coats, and yes -the red cowboy boots that no longer fit but remind me of the last time I had to reimagine myself when my 1st husband died, leaving me NOT the beneficiary on any life insurance because his 1st wife shared the same name as mine, so he figured it would be okay. Those boots. And for bonus points, I will be grabbing some fistfuls of books that I haven't looked at in a while.  Like years. Like for some...never.  I love you, dear art friends, more than you can imagine.  And I support you in your endeavors.  But, something's got to give with this book collection, and it's time to spread the love around.  I'm thinking maybe the women's shelter, or maybe not...they're pretty busy getting lives together at a grass roots kinda level.  Do you want some of them? Most are technique type of books...mixed media, quilting, assemblage...I'm not sure what will go and what will stay, but if you want to be kept apprised, let me know.
Long post, tiny step.  Oh, plus one. Last night my neighbor & I walked and gossiped and somehow eventually got talking about books vs NOOKs, and she told me I could download the nook app on my iPad free! Don't even have to buy/carry/charge up another device! It blows my mind how wasteful I've become, that I don't even think about stuff like that.  And in our discussion about Tiny Houses, we thought that living in a studio apartment is a great way to see if a person can survive small space living. It would certainly give you an opportunity to see how your newly pared down stuff works. Or doesn't .  I like what one Tiny House blog calls the Fire Drill test...your house is on fire & burning fast...your loved ones/pets are already out. You have 1 minute to grab stuff that's important to you, knowing you'll need to start completely over. What do you grab?  That will help you see what is truly important to you. One couple lived that drill, as a Colorado wildfire claimed their big house. The husband was gone & wife home alone. One of the items she grabbed was his down-filled slippers because she knew he'd want a comfort item as they began their new journey to rebuild their lives. I bawled my eyes out.
Today I choose to smile & be productive.

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