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a full time artist, stepmother, radio personality, and mom to an energetic Chug dog, tries to get through the days without committing a felonious act. My life is a rickety Zen circus.


Saturday, August 30, 2014

through the knot hole - breach position

you may notice that my last entry was tuesday.  and there's a good reason for that.  i was in no way prepared for what was expected of me at work with 2-3 people out on vacation/sick.  nothing could have prepared me.  and had i known, i would probably have curled up in a corner and wimpered that I Couldn't Do It.  And at the end of the day wednesday, as I was stinking of flop sweat and tearful and near vomiting, and hating the new guy for his smugness thinking he would never freak out like i was freaking out (but he would've),  I realized that I had, indeed, done it…it was ugly and not nearly my best work (an understatement), but for the most part - i did it.  My job is not brain surgery to start with, but has demands that certain time marks be met, that i sound cheerful and competent and reliable and knowledgable, and that i do this every 60-seconds for 8 hours.  That's it.  I'm not fighting insurgents…I'm not holding a beating heart in my hand preparing for transfer to another body cavity.  i merely work in radio.  and there's no crying in radio.  but.  my ass was kicked with a soundness that it hasn't been kicked with in quite some time.  i don't remember the ride home, nor do i remember falling into bed with Henry tucked tightly against me.  I do remember feeling a chill down my spine knowing i had to do it again the next day. and the day after that.  when i woke up - an hour earlier than i needed to - it was a conscious decision to greet the day in gratitude and take the attitude that I had another chance to prove to myself that I could do this - I would rock the schedule handed me, and I would be GOOD not just adequate.

And I Did.

And then on friday when the only other employee on duty (out of 5) told me he was sick and going home early and i had to take his scheduled reports as well as the other 2-3 people's, and by the way use an unfamiliar studio which is completely & TOTALLY different from what i have ever used, and oh by the way have 15 minutes to learn it and prepare a report & deliver it…yeah, at that time…i said "okay" and i calmed myself like a trainer calms a wild horse and just. did. it.  I did.  and through the haze of mildew in the room so thick you could see it…i smiled.  (didn't breathe in, but smiled).  And now, knowing that I can do this, i am grateful for the opportunity that was given me to crash and get up and power through and reorganize and see what works and what is hindering me and change/remove that hinderance and know that i can i can i can do this thing - this life thing - this changeable and sometimes ugly thing called life - this life that is changing in dramatic ways that need not be drama-filled - i can.  i can.  i can.

And that was a big Tiny step that took a few days to learn.  and i realized i still have mad ninja organizational skills.  and i get to do it all over again next tuesday.

I meet you back here later.  Be Fierce,


Kim Mailhot said...

you are amazing.
love you, strong one.

henrysmom said...

I am strong through the love of those who believe in me.

Caroline said...

Hugs and love always.
Thinking of you!