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Friday, September 05, 2008

a pinch of this n that

i am now a cooking ingredient....or at least i feel like one...i have, in desperation, been trying every home remedy for poison ivy that comes across my radar. this morning, my husband's favorite - a baking soda poultice-like thing that has been slathered on and dried. it alledgedly will dry and pull the itchies out. hunh. so now, anytime i move my right arm even slightly, i crumble all over....trailing chunks and bits of white all over. it's not contagious, but the rashy blistery part is right in the inside elbow part of my arm. my right arm. that i use a lot. *sigh* today is a semi Becky Home-Ec-y day....i'm going to the grocery store to buy some GOOD HEALTHY food. spinach and tomatoes and homemade pasta and chocolate. you know. and artichokes. husband is going away sunday and i'm leaving wednesday, so not much is needed. i just have this incredible craving to be healthy and fit. so i'm off to the studio for a bit, then weggers. i am taking suggestions on ivy solutions, so comment or email away. i'm thinking soldering gun at this point, but perhaps that's a bit extreme. L.

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Anonymous said...

The best thing that I know of is a good old doctor prescribed dose of steroids. Seriously. And for future, you should have a product called tecnu on hand. It's a skin cleanser that removes poison oak and ivy oils (which is what spreads it). It also decontaminates pets. QOTU