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Sunday, September 21, 2008

burgers & bonfires

don't ask how it started. oh okay, here's how it started: 2 years ago, after Youngblood's High School grad party, there was a boatload, a cartload, a veritable crapload of leftover food, and yes, beer. knowing how husband has a propensity to overdrink from time to time, and how teenagers have a 6th sense - a locator sense - that enables them to find hidden beer, i set up lawn chairs at the bottom of our driveway, opened the coolers, and lo! neighbors from all & about the cul-de-sac appeared, and that, my friends is how the Hillbilly Redneck Driveway Parties were born. on any given warm summer night, crowds of 10-ish will gather with their chairs,snacks, and coolers at the bottom of our driveway and be neighbors. and friends. and cul-de-parents of each others children...Children of Cumberstone. (the original beer is gone, by the way). now, i'm not sure how you all do it, but in my area, the Boyscouts do a fundraiser where they sell lobster. so last year i thought..hunh...let's have a block party with the remnants of beer and we'll drag a few grills out to The Circle and everyone BYO's and we'll be happy and have fun la la la. it worked. so we reprised it last night. with the added attraction of a nice marshmallow toasty bonfire at our place after. i love my neighbors. i love bonfires. i love Zak for letting me use his skateboard, even though he thinks i'm old. i used to be young. i used to be a skateboarder. he must have seen a little skatergirl in my eye.(that is not me in the picture, it's Zak). i am blessed and re-blessed my my neighbors...for showing up to ease my thoughts and transitions and make my Monday easier to face. has it really been 1 week? L.

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