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Friday, April 12, 2013

wouldn't be prudent

yes.  i believe what i said about cosmetics and wigs and body image and the like.  however.  let me strongly  suggest - strongly, as in requirement - strongly, as in Trust Me On This - my advice is that you bring someone of sound mind with you, should you decide to make a (non-refundable) wig purchase.  yes.  sober and of sound mind.  because although i was yes indeedy sober, i have to question what the hell i was thinking when i walked out of Hot Cocoa's looking like a very cheap ho.  And to his credit, his absolute proof of manhood, my brother said nothing when we met for lunch, the 3 of us - myself, my brother, and my hair - other than mentioning that he noticed it Right Away And From A Mile Away, and in such a tone that belied his thoughts, which had he shared them must have been something like WHAT IN THE WIDE WIDE WORLD OF SPORTS IS SHE THINKING???  The Hell.
And i promise you, those that said they liked it, that i will not hold it against you - what could a person do in that position??  when asked, "so...?" knowing that the ask-er has been feeling like less than their fabulosity normally lets them feel...feeling a drifting purposelessness...feeling un-artistic and un-pretty and all those I'm So Exhausted lies that are perpetrated upon our brains as women when we, indeed, are tired.  and Lyme's is Tired with a capital "T."  that rhymes with toupe.
so the one strongly honest comment i got was an email response to a picture i sent - it said this:  

HA HA HA ...I would love it even more if it had some green tinge on the ends.  (i will not ID the writer)
and a text that said : Ummmmm...

please believe me that i appreciate your honesty - i truly do.  because i do not know what was going on in my head at the time Miss Cocoa was whipping fake hair on and off my head saying that I had gotten my sexy on for sure with this one.  she did stand between me and the dimly lit mirror quite a lot, and it seemed rude - even dangerous - to push her aside so i could get a real good look, and so intent was i on leaving there with some new bangin' hair, that, well, she could hardly be faulted.  i own this mistake.  i think i'll just walk away and give this mess to the photographer that originally got me all jacked up about spare hair.  and who knows, maybe with the right lighting, and the right camera angle, and a really really gaussian blur, this could be a good look.  for someone not me.
lesson learned.  will add it to the list of Things that keep me awake at night that do not matter at all in the large scheme of life.

so i wish you a great day, with love for yourself and love for those close to you and love enough to never lie when someone asks you if this hair makes their butt look big.

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