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Monday, April 01, 2013

tick tick tick

yes it's true ... the doc says Lyme disease for me.  i say No Thank You, but what does it matter what i say??  March has been a spectacular flop, in my humble opinion, but today RABBIT RABBIT RABBIT and here's to a fabu April.
yesterday, on a whim, husband and I went to Derby Hill...the weather was perfect to watch raptor migration...warm breezes from the south pushing tired wings.  right off the bat we saw 3 Golden Eagles, followed by a sky full of turkey vultures, then 3 bald eagles, and hawks, killdeers, meadowlarks, cranes, harriers...an incredible day.  there were a handful of watchers with us - most very experienced - to identify the variances ... red tailed hawk vs sharp shinned, and such.  i could have stayed all day, despite aching joints and cold feet.  i was glad for a hooded sweatshirt under a hooded fleece-lined wind jacket.  coulda used heavier socks.  we came home to a freshly painted livingroom, a new configuration of furniture, and a lonesome kitty.  he/she has been sleeping at the foot of my bed, where diva slept.  i came upstairs last night, and there was bulimia cat.  not going to leave the spot.  i knelt down and got nose to nose, and pet him, whispering good things about him and diva.  he sniffed at the covers and put a paw on my forehead.  that cat is crazy smart.

so here's what eagle has to say:
there is a new beginning for you in a positive direction following a recent period of strife, one in which you've gained a great deal of stamina & resilience. (holla).  it's a time for greater spiritual awakening and connection to the divine.  whatever you put out - positive or negative - will return to you more quickly than ever right now.  (I wish you all an incredible & prosperous month).

i have an idea i'm returning to that is huge, and will require outside funding, and will bring art from around the world to New York State.  it will be delicious.  Get your submissions ready...details to follow Very Soon!

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