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Thursday, April 25, 2013

free stuff? free stuff!!

it's true - I'm here procrastinating.  sort of.  I'm actually just taking a break between naps.  nah - I've been working like a steamroller this week, helping a friend get her office in tip top organizational shape.  it's one of my very favorite things to do.  As long as i get to do it my way at first, then tweak the system or layout so that it works perfect for the actual user.
and now i am starting on the layout of my "NeW" in-home studio.  yes, in-home.  I am letting my Big Girl studio go in July when my lease is up.  I am not being as productive as I should be there, although I love love love being in the midst of a community of artists.  I also like the option of rolling out of bed to paint or assemble, or staying up late to paint or assemble.  so the best option is to make my current home studio space naked.  remove everything (somehow) and lay down some vinyl flooring so that my paint & water don't seep through to the livingroom ceiling.  then i'll feel better about working at home again.  I spent the morning measuring the room and will be figuring out the layout at some point today. when i envisioned my huge work table turned sideways, rather than being a big block in the middle of the room, it all seemed wonderful.  the table has a cutout for my sewing machine, and my husband originally built it for me to make my massive quilts on.  i hate to cut it up, and now i see i won't have to.  just need to figure out a new configuration of the built-in shelves and spaces below it.  That will preserve the jewelry-making task area i already have, which works very well.
so in the midst of all this measuring and graph-paper drawing, i realized that it was easier to move bits of paper around, as opposed to mondo heavy furniture, so i googled decorating templates or something like that, and found Life Your Way printables.  Free printables.  That organize Your Life! and got sucked right into the vortex that is their website.  I have a true addiction to organizing (yes, that's my husband laughing).  i am a hoarder of tote bags and sterlite containers.  i just want to rodeo up my life, i suppose, and put it in order.  there - saved you a year's worth of counseling.  but if i am turned loose, i will organize.  husband just keeps stepping in the flow of it, wanting things his way, so it never gets done.  we standoff.  or gridlock.  children that we are.  but back to the free printables.  there are organizers for every single thing in life.  everything.  and i now need a binder to put all my lists and sheets of organizer thingies in.  i would just love to do this for a living.  organize.  and event plan.  but i should do something, i suppose.  so i'll go have a snack and get back to work.  or maybe go for a walk. or buy a binder.

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