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a full time artist, stepmother, radio personality, and mom to an energetic Chug dog, tries to get through the days without committing a felonious act. My life is a rickety Zen circus.


Saturday, April 13, 2013

what a week of ups and downs and twists and turns moving waaay too fast and waaay too slow.  that about sums it up.  okay bye now.
well, there has been some amazing rumbling of an explosive geyser of goodness going on just below the surface.  and some amazing coincidences piling up to point in one direction.  not sure where it will lead, but am certain that the map will unfold for me, so i'm chillin as i walk.  mostly.  there have been moments of abject terror and surroundings of intense loneliness, but just as it seems like i am at the pinnacle of what can be endured, i'll get a PiNg of a text or email or phone call, and it was the exact right thing at the exact right moment.  so i will battle all that away, knowing it's a lie.

does the name "Dornan" mean anything to anyone?

so today i'm off to haunt my studio - am looking into a bigger one on the 2nd or 3rd floor...just missed one by a moment the other day!  i have faith & confidence that the right studio will be there at the right time and for the right price.  with zero income, it's hard to negotiate :)  I need a patron!  with $350/month extra cash laying around to pay my rent!  oooh that sounds so... haux.  but i will believe for it.

thank you.

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