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Tuesday, April 02, 2013

pick one

sorry i looked, but when i did - yesterday's sweatshirt-and-sneakers will clearly be replaced (again) by snow boots, hats, gloves, and all the armor against winter's drifts and drafts.  so i did what any self-respecting upstater would do - rolled over & went back to sleep.  then checked my inbox, after closing all the curtains, using the cat's philosophy of If I Can't See It, It Doesn't Exist.
my inbox.  among a bunch, these 2 stuck out....

Is there any point in sitting here at all:
courting luck without design; stretching out
a dry spell; groggily awaiting the occasional spark;
comforting myself in the knowledge
of what I might be capable of,
while watching my capabilities slipping by;
satisfying myself that I can’t sink any lower.
Then, sinking lower.

(I don't know where this quote originates, sorry.  I'm certain the sender was not the author, though)

Then this...

Sometimes we settle for a life that is not even close to what is intended for us. Sometimes we settle for relationships, jobs, places and situations hat we have the ability to change, but that we have become too comfortable with, even if those very things bring us feelings that that are unsettling to our core.
Mentally wake up today. REALLY look at what things in your life are not resonating with your beautiful soul. While we cannot change people, we CAN change the way we interact with them, changing almost any relationship into something beautiful. We can make our surroundings more beautiful, neat and organized, without spending any money. We can mend old fences. We can change many things about our careers. We can restore our spirits and treat our loved ones with extreme kindness and unconditional love. We can get rid of ratty old clothes in our closets that make us feel yucky. We can weed our flower beds. We can do so much to make a lovely place for our spirits to dwell. We don't have to settle.
(part of a BraveGirls message)

And even though they both, i suppose, speak of a life not lived in fullness, one message seems to be content to sit and wait for a magical force to strike and deliver the goods, while the other puts the power in the bearers pocket and says Just Do It.  i like that.  i have been feeling quite a bit like the 1st quote, with a spanky new studio and no inspiration.  People are kind enough to offer me all sorts of excuses - you're just settling in...there's been a lot happening in a few weeks, etc.  And yes, i could latch on to any one of those, and any one of those is correct and may be the answer.  However.  Do i want to live my life waiting? not so much.  so off to the studio again today.  this could be the day that it all breaks loose on my canvas!

stay warm today - in your heart and on your feet.
PS: Paulo Coelho has a new book out!! and here's a quote from it..
"Because Enthusiasm is the Sacred Fire" 

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