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a full time artist, stepmother, radio personality, and mom to an energetic Chug dog, tries to get through the days without committing a felonious act. My life is a rickety Zen circus.


Wednesday, June 18, 2008


so while we wait for flight....i am kanoodling a workshop idea, and will let you know when it's gelled and ready. it would be a semi-full day (timewise) ...involving making art dolls based on the Inner YOU. i don't want to divulge the details right now, as i'm still waiting on a Certain Someone to get on board, but i promise it'll be fabulous. and it will be held right here in my studio, with some time spent in the woods too. if you're interested in hearing more, email me or leave a comment, and i'll keep you in the loop. you do not need ANY art background or sewing background. none. i promise. (sorry - had to check flight status. i'm back). so today is another day jammed with errands and appointments. i just want 3 solid art days In A Row, please. this weekend is the opening of the Schweinfurth show, next weekend is girlstepper's graduation party & ceremony....1 step closer to empty nest! (hmmm..a theme here...AND a pun...a good day indeed!). the weekend after that is 4th of jly, and we've won tickets to Watkins Glen for the races. my husband is happy. i could care less, but i like the pre-race shopping and people watching. it's also our anniversary on the 7th, so we get a free weekend trip thanks to Marlboro. maybe they'll throw in an iron lung. (side note...hunh, that's interesting - my garage door is going up and down. do i check it, or wait for a hockey-masked man to come up the stairs with a knife and know for sure i was right in locking up every night?) (i'll wait. if i hear the fridge, it's youngblood, or a hungry burglar. if not, the squirrels have gotten clever & developed thumbs.). i hear the microwave. can't be anything serious. it would be kind of fun to sneak down the stairs with a baseball bat and yell "YAH!" at the top of my lungs like a crazed Ninja in a pink fluffy bathrobe and claim HE scared ME first. naw. too much effort. and my luck i'd miss Quest's first flight. a quandry. maybe i'll wait till he decides to heat up the roast leftovers i was saving for lunch. so today i go to the orthodontist to have HIM look at the crown situation. i do not want braces. i just want to be able to eat again. i suspect he will say braces are the option, since that is his job. i'll need a few extra opinions before i'd do that though. i'm 50. i'm not interested in cosmetics at this point, just optimum operational status. we'll see. you know, i'm kind of smiling here thinking how much fun the Ninja thing would be. bad Linda. but i KNOW why tigers eat their young, so maybe this opportunity is a gift from all stepmothers who have gone before me. urging me to righteous justice on their behalf. i wouldn't actually HIT him with the bat. just yell YAH. no. not gonna do it. wouldn't be prudent. *sigh* tonight i am determined i'll be watching The Bucket List. diva also ordered Charlie Wilson's War for Uncle Bill (as she calls husband) from his new Fathers Day Netflix account. that was thoughtful. my stomach is growling like a bear, so i'll catch up later.....L.

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