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Saturday, June 14, 2008

a bagel without a hole....

you know the old saw about "is a bagel still a bagel without a hole?" (or is it "a donut without a hole? ach. give me 2 of each) well, is an artist still an artist without art? i find myself again without work for my hands. ideas...yes. but the hands and the brain are not speaking just now. half-finished works in my studio hold no fascination for me. new ideas are bubbling and exciting, but the "do-ing" ...not so much. i've tried to muddle this out. i've tried ignoring it and just plowing in. i've tried just relaxing and waiting for it to come. it always does, i suppose, but i feel the need to create, and the vacuum & laundry washer just aren't my chosen tools.....if i was as prolific in my studio as i have been in the Becky Home Ec-y department recently, i'd need storage. so frustrating. **last night we gathered at my friend debbie's house after dark - actually in her backyard. despite high temps and humidity, a fire in the firepit for s'mores & ambiance (and bug chaser). her yard is enclosed with a high fence. a pool at one end. decking around the pool and the area where we sat. so nice...so womb-like. and the margaritas were magnificent. a flash of lightning and a quickening breeze broke things up early, but as we headed out the gate, another couple was just coming in, so we stayed for the second party...daring the storm....knocking on debbie's kitchen door and making her come back out. how great to have a neighborhood where everyone gathers in the evening. this year a rift has formed between some neighbors and it's so sad to me to feel it's ripple beneath everything. we still all gather, but a weed has rooted in our garden of neighbors. it will take some doing to dig it out. husband is off to check out the eagle nest down the road. i should probably shower and get dressed. another busy day with groceries and running info out to the rehabber's. tomorrow is fathers day. i think i will make my hands listen to my heart , (rather than my head) this time and make a memorial piece for him. L.

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