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Sunday, June 22, 2008

art show ecstasy

just home from the opening reception of the Schweinfurth show - and dinner after. if you came out...thank you! if you weren't able to make it, the show runs through 8/23 and it really is nice! i just felt humbled, in a way, that my work was included in this show. and a little scared. if i didn't make "the cut," then i could just go on piddling around. but this seems to change things. it's hard to explain. no - it's not an ego thing. at all. but it's more like authentication. more like "you can run with the big dogs." well, medium dogs. although there were 1 or 2 biggies. but it seems like i SHOULD be doing more to get out there. to see what everyone else is doing. to promote myself more. and it felt good to have husband see that i am not just the woman in the pink bathrobe burning her fingers on the soldering iron, or dremel-tooling her fingernail. it changed his perception a bit. and mine, as well. it was difficult, actually, for me. i felt such incredible gratitude for the opportunity. and it was hard for me to not gush all over the gallery director about how i felt. she has no doubt in her mind, believe me. and i think i managed to keep it down to a level where i had some pride left. being a socially anguished person to begin with, and being thrown into a totally unfamiliar situation...well, you can imagine. i'll spend the next few weeks reviewing every word spoken, and Why didn't I escort that person over to my piece like they were Totally hinting for me to do? and etc. But i do that anyway. i'm still wondering if i mingled enough at my birthday party. all in all NO ONE cares. but it's just the way i am. husband took me out to dinner after. his way of being proud of me. and it helped that people did come... and that a few strangers commented to me that they liked my work. it helped him to see me, and my art, through other eyes. and i think that's important for both of us. so, i'll process a little and sleep. and be back tomorrow. which promises to be a cake taker of a day. i am pre-stressing. the new computer system? which i haven't quite figured out? at all? like i can log on? and that's it? but there are people yelling on my phone for answers? and the best i can do is say I'll Call You Back? THAT new system. oy vey. mylanta for breakfast. L.

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