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Sunday, June 08, 2008

good air

although it's hot, humid and unbreathable out, i woke up this morning (on the couch) and felt such a great peacefullness in my heart. Good Air. in this same spirit, i decided i would clean youngblood's room, and do his laundry - just this one time. i figured if he and his father try to do it together, they'll just argue. if we wait for him to do it, it won't get done. if husband tries - he'll get all ADD overwhelmed and start getting distrcted. and it'll never get done. besides, i figured if there was any contraband, better i should find it than husband. i tried not to look too hard, because it was a Good Air day. and the intent was to do a Good Thing. so i now have 80-skatey loads of laundry piled up to do. although my intent was pure, i am hoping to earn some karma points after seeing the enormity of the task. today is also a day i will re-tackle the typewriterGodhelpme. this time i'm bringing in the power tools. i was so caught up in the original meditative idea of denuding this thing, that it never occured to me to whip out the Ryobi and have at it. of course, last night i tried to saw a wooden newel post in half with a hack saw...un-electric. how do the amish DO it?? i had gotten my husband's Sawsall out, but shoot - that thing is heavy, and it's made to saw a car in half. i could only imagine what my femur would look like if i slipped. so i got the thing cut out of sheer determination. now to sand. and to figure out how to cut the little niches and holes in it that i need to put milagros in. this art stuff is not for the feint of heart. i need a tool workshop, that much is obvious. maybe i'll drag my D-minus dremel down to Home Despot and make them show me how to use it. it must be operator error....other people seem to like it. of course, trying to find someone who actually knows how to USE the tools they sell may be a problem. but i'm off to channel the Good Air into my project. the wood one. the one with the salvaged newel post from when they tore down a building at Cornell University. that one - the one with the red lead paint on it, that was obviously an outdoor newel post. i say that based on the poison ivy on the arm that held down the post while hacking at it last night. breathe. L.

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