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a full time artist, stepmother, radio personality, and mom to an energetic Chug dog, tries to get through the days without committing a felonious act. My life is a rickety Zen circus.


Friday, June 13, 2008

3-ring circus

8:30am...arrive at the rehabbers. 8:31am...oy vey does it ever smell! an abundance of skunks and racoons and 20 baby possums. little Buzzby the hummingbird still in his wingcast...a new baby redtail hawk (got to help feed it!)...and a little brown ball of baby woodchuck - i named him Fuller (he looks like a shoe polish brush - Fuller Brush Company? am i dating myself with the reference? sigh.) Geiger the baby owl still in residence. (we aren't really supposed to name them, but i do it quietly, inside, and then sneak it's useage out-all God's creatures deserve a name), a baby fox that looks exactly like my Diva, a bunch o baby ducklettes and gooselettes....and yes - the baby turkeys. now, you may have seen grown turkeys before and wondered why on earth they have wings - being the fowl-world equivalent to the men running the Short Fat Guys Run through downtown every year. well, those wings are, indeed, fully and i do mean Fully operational. and when you open their little pen to scoop them out so you can clean it, y'all better be fast as lightning. or you'll be chasing turkeys through the place. uh huh. nuff said. on to other species. the pidgeon that poked me through the bars of his cage while i was picking something else up? no, too common. oh i know! the litter of baby racoons that got loose and devilishly ran and hid and ran somemore throughout the place! that was comical. for about a minute. and that little mishap was not my doing (or undoing) for once. i stuck with the ducks for a bit...webicures and kiddie pools and the like. i love the ducks. they don't have teeth. they are hands down the stinkiest animal in the bunch, except for the skunks, and that is saying a lot. went on a goat milk run, and went home to shower and purell and nap. i say all this balh blah blah because i'm working on a Big Thought, and hoped something would gel while i prattled on, but it is not to be. mental constipation. okay, maybe a little drilling & jigsawing will do the trick. i'll check back in. L.


Fuller Brush Man said...

"i named him Fuller (he looks like a shoe polish brush - Fuller Brush Company? am i dating myself with the reference? sigh.)"

Of course not. Fuller Brush is over 100 years old but we are still in business and sell over 400 products. Hundreds of them are made
right here the good old USA at our Kansas Plant.


Dan the Fuller Brush Man

kitasmom said...

who knew? i feel much better now! thanks Dan!