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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

autoclaves & anguish

oy vey. what i really mean is OY VEY. so husband left for the week's travels, and youngblood has been banned from his mother's house for yelling at her. so guess who ends up being the babysitter? if you guessed Why, You, Linda....guess again. using my newly re-found centeredness, i took diva for a walk and tried to kanoodle an inspiration. this situation cannot and should not continue. not just because i need my space. not just because i don't care for his company any more than his own parents do. but because Somehow these people have to learn to find a middle ground, and everyone needs to grow up and act like the responsible, mature semi-adults that they should be. even if it is an act. so i decided that IF youngblood called his mother to effect an apology, then he could stay here tonight, but be g-o-n-e tomorrow morning and not to return until friday evening. that will give them a night to cool off after the apologies that neither side wants to offer. my question du jour was: what if there was only 1 home? how would things be handled then? so i left it to husband to call his ex and lay the proposition on the table. she was reasonable enough to admit that i should not have to be stuck with him, so the only solution would be the one presented. then husband needed to call youngblood and tell him the deal. that apparently did not go quite as reasonably, although in typical man-fashion, he feels that a one word answer ("dandy") was a full accounting to my question of how it went. i will grill him like a ballpark frank at another time. i guess my intense desire to have youngblood gone, was my spirit rebelling against the bad air that gets sucked in when there's such commotion and conflict. i crave Good Air, and there is nothing but a chaotic spirit when youngblood & father or mother get together in the same hemisphere. i've worked too hard to clear this crud from my life and don't want it dragged in every week to clog up the flow like dust ina hepa filter of a vacuum cleaner. i also refuse to re-live the same cleaning/clearing every week. if this continues, i have announced that i will move to my parent's house during visitation weeks, and during the off week, NO ONE drops in for any reason whatsoever. i deserve to live in peace. i've worked hard to get there, and refuse to be the one who does everyone else's LifeWork. it doesn't work that way anyway. so. on to great good news! i made a few inquiries at my Big Girl Job regarding the availability of an "extra" autoclave for my rehabber friend. made sure to call it an autoclavical, so people would chuckle and remember the request. TA DA! they came through! a very good day! now if we can just get the parties together to take a nice picture, it'll be signed and sealed. so good. a happy thng to hold in my hand and look at with my heart throughout the day. i wish many blessings upon the people who made this possible. many many. well, diva is whining up a storm, having been disrespected and disregarded in the petting/attention dept tonight while i tried to effect world peace and figure out the flex shaft attachment to my dremel tool, which does not perform quite like the uber-tool i'd hoped it would be. so far, i'm impressed by how cool all the attachments look lined up in their respective nooks and slots. however, as a Real Tool, i give it a D-minus. maybe operator error. but i don't think so. it doesn't cut for beans, it doesn't drill for nuttin, it does sand the crud out of your knuckles. but i could do that with an emery board and novacaine. so i'm off to read in bed for a while. i'm still reading Georgia Popoff's incredible new book of poetry, and Joan Anderson's followup book to A Year By The Sea - called An Unfinished Marriage. timely. i'm still petting Susan Lenhart Kazmer's book. and i finished 3 assemblage pieces. what a clever girl am i. nighty night y'all. L.

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