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Sunday, June 01, 2008

synchronicity saturday

have you ever woken up and just KNEW that the day would be uber-special? me either. just kidding. yesterday was incredible from head to toe. in the morning, the air was heavy with humidity and the smell of rain soon to come. but for some reason it reminded me of the ocean and my body & mind started out in that fabulous frame of reference. good things kept happening all day....good news came throughout the day - youngblood's banquet cancelled today (i would have gone and never complained, but geez louise...); yes, my mother-in-law showed up for lunch for youngblood's birthday, but i stayed semi-blissed out (and yes to your unasked question - she did manage to make an anti-semitic remark within 10 minutes); and all these little Moments swirled around me giving me the boost i've been needing. a book i forgot that i ordered arrived Friday and it is fab-u-lous. it's a jewelry/mixed media technique book - Susan Kazmer Lenhart's (lenhart kazmer? i'll re-check) book on making cold connections (rivets,etc) and it has already changed my work. speaking of which - that piece i was working on....well, it wasn't bedeviling me, just teasing me. it just wasn't working. why? it actually needed to be 2 seperate pieces. so i got a 2-fer. once i realized that, BAM! the fingers started flying. the Zone kicked in. mmmmmm. hum with me now...mmmmmmm. so the Moments continued and i felt all cushioned and centered and Zennish. then i get a text message reminder from my husband (ah modern communication) about a pub crawl some friends of his organized. i thought " just what i want to do - go PAY good money to watch my husband over-drink while i wedding-smile at his friends." but the zennish cloud was in overdrive and i figured what the hey...i can always call a cab. or push him into the river, since the pubs are all in a walking distance and on the Seneca River. i am so glad i had put my broom away and un-witched about this event because i'd be eating my attitude now. what a great time...well, a good time... met some great people from Not Here, and it Was Meant To Be that i was there. and here's why. there was a woman there who felt uncomfortable about her weight. we were talking about who-knows-what and she kept making references to her size. i wanted to slap this beautiful bountiful woman and scream at her "you're beautiful...not a size 2 beautiful, but beauty comes in XL too so shut it and strut it!" but thought perhaps that would not be the most delicate, loving way to handle it. so out of the blue, and for reasons known only to Someone not me, i told her that i went on Lexapro for a few months and ballooned up to the size of a Macy's Thanksgiving float complete with flybridge boobs and a back end the size of an old Caddy. she got teary. now at that point i thought, uh oh....did the mouth say something other than what the brain told it to say? again. but then she told me SHE had gained all this weight since she went on Lexapro last year. this was a relief to her and she will talk to her doc monday. this was a relief to me, since i was happy to have not offended someone. again. and and it just continued with the synchronicity theme. i mean, ask yourself....what are the Real World chances of getting me to go on a pub crawl? time's up. answer: none. no chance. zero. i despise being around drunks. and when i'm Keyed In on a project: less than none. like, ask me and i'll turn my laser beam gaze on you and melt your head for being so bold as to ask - that much less than none. now a junk yard crawl....whoo hoo. oh say hey listen...want to do that?? a junk crawl? oh yes it'll be good! instead of hiring a limo, we'll rent a U-Haul! oh great fun! see...i just feel like something good will happen today! L.

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