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a full time artist, stepmother, radio personality, and mom to an energetic Chug dog, tries to get through the days without committing a felonious act. My life is a rickety Zen circus.


Tuesday, April 08, 2008

only in america

a little housekeeping: It was NOT gail's fault. it was mine for being a 4-eyed doofus and not asking HOW MUCH??? next time....i'll ask for my senior discount. ****okay - you tell me.....where else can a person start a job, then 6 months later tell them you're going part-time, then they give you a raise, and now a promotion?? if i wasn't so paranoid, i'd have a big head about the whole thing. so listen. apparently it has caught the attention of my boss and her boss and HER boss that the most irate, foul-mouthed, un-helpable people that i get on my phone just don't bother me as much as the other calltakers. sure, INSIDE my last reserve nerve is screaming for a blood-letting, but apparently on the OUTSIDE i am calm and professional. how THIS occurs is anyone's guess. like the song says...."if you could read my mind, what a tale my thoughts would tell." be very afraid. so anyway, i told my bosses that i would be needing thursday through next wednesday off to go to the Carribean. they said okay. damn....they must like me. then they tell me i'm getting this promotion. i will be the person that "escalated calls" are sent to. so it's a good/bad thing....yes, i'll be promoted into a newly developed position...just for me. however, now ALL my calls will be BAD ones. what do you say? no thanks? thanks for be so good about letting me tell you what i will and won't be doing and when, but no thanks when you ask me to do this? i think not. an offer you can't refuse, sorta thing. out of the 5 of us (yes, the 6th person worked 3 weeks, then said their baby was sick and THEY needed to go part time then never called again or showed up.), out of the 5 of us, i would probably be the best suited....i would just have a quiet stroke or heart attack one day and not make a fuss. 2 of the others freak out and scream at people now...the other one just agrees to anything, hangs up and does nothing. i'm sort of middle ground. i never scream....i just get very cooly polite, and don't even think for a minute i am going to help you after you just called me something to do with sleeping with your mother. uhn uhn honey. so i guess because i keep my volume low, i drew the short straw....errr ...got promoted. sort of promoted. got my own department, of which i am the only member. not a strange place for me - my 1st job in radio was as the news director for an oldies station. oh - i was the ONLY news person in the place. still looks shiny on a resume. then i was head of PR for the NYS Senior Games....you guessed it - just me. impressed Bernadette Castro though. so anyway. all i can think of is getting on that plane on time. oh - PLUS plus....apparently our return flight is on American...guess who just grounded a bazillion of their planes for wiring problems? hmmm...American? yup. snicker. i may end up braiding hair by Coki Beach for a living. at least i wouldn't have to listen to people screaming that their teeth are backwards or some such crud. i am still a phlegm factory, in case you wondered. so gross. so before i continue along those lines, i'm going to bed. and ponder my new job title: Princess of Piss-n-Moan. Czarina of Screamers. Emotional Pinata. hmmm...nothing has that ring to it. i'll keep thinking. L.

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