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Saturday, April 05, 2008

let me get this off my chest

ahh yes, the ongoing saga of the brassiere bungle. so today, i took myself to Sears. that's right, plain old Sears. where i found an IDENTICAL bra to the one that was sitting in a very pretty bag at my home. well, nearly identical. the one in the pretty bag cost $60. the one i was holding in my hand on a cheap plastic hanger at Sears....2/$20. and then buy 2, get 2 50% off. so i could get MANY bras for the price of the ONE bra at home. that's shoppers math. remember now, i used to OWN a lingerie store...i know for a TRUE FACT that the self-same Victoria's Secret bra that costs $40+ can be purchased at BonTon, Sears, even (gasp) KMart. same maker. same quality. different label. same pair of Indonesian hands make each bra. so to pay more is just silly. so instead of paying more, i bought more. i intend, on wednesday morning, to return all of the bras. (the pretty bag bras). the straps slip off my shoulders, the sizes vary widely and the fit on at least one of them is excruciating after 15 minutes. so today in Sears, i bought 6 bras (some just for play), a pair of underpants to match 1 of them, 1 pair of pj pants (cotton), 2 slinky nighties for my trip, and a plain old white cami. guess how much? Guess! $140.00. And...AND...2 of those bras? they are THE new vicky's style...no underwire..no seam..molded kinda...they're basically a thin piece of fun foam with straps. very comfortable. i have never, i tell you, never been so bra obsessed in my life. not since i got My First Bra. what an occasion that was. had to show everyone. stuffed that baby to within an inch of bursting. a 12 year old with a D cup. ( i know - next time take the kleenex OUT of the box). but i soon realzed i would always be an A. till i turned 40. then blammo. but i just want to get on with the business of getting dressed mindlessly. forget all the hoopla. these are clothes and unmentionables here. of course, tonight when husband and i were walking diva, he said (without prompting) that he loved my new makeover and that i should NOT EVER for a minute feel badly about the money i spent. i could've cried. for many reasons. one, because he noticed. two, because he noticed and remembered to tell me he noticed. and three, because if he actually knew how much i actually spent....i suspect there would've been a different ending to his sentence. but oh well. it's done. and we both feel okay about it. i am still a snot factory, sinus-wise. i packed snorkel gear, but it's unlikely i'll be able to use it. oh - the packing! well...after a few false starts and distractions, my whip-cracking finally took effect and around 3pm we got to it. mostly done - just the stuff you use everyday left to throw in at the last minute. and i have 1 suitcase and 1 mostly empty carryon. good for me! of course, the suitcase is about the size of my closet, but hey....so i'm off to blow my nose somemore. i may try getting the turkey baster out and attaching it to the vacuum hose.....L.

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