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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

i confess - my addiction

i am head over heels in love with Peregrine Falcons. and MY falcons (mariah & kaver) have 5 eggs cooking right now. see them here http://rfalconcam.com/rfc-main/multiView.php . they aren't actually MINE, but i feel like it. i can't stop checking in on them. a compulsion. yes, an addiction. i remember last year eyas being hatched and felt like they were my own grandchildren being born. well almost. go see. this summer i'm headed on a Hawk Walk nearby. a Raptor specialist has a huge sanctuary with owls, hawks, falcons and even an eagle that have all somehow strayed into harm's way. she rehabs them as best as possible. they either return to the wild, or stay on with her, depending on how well the healing goes. you can grab a gauntlet and go for a walk through the woods and the falcons will come land on your arm (if you have a strategically placed snack on hand.) i can't wait! we have a resident owl in my woods here. when he gets too close to a nest belonging to another bird, the trees come alive with squawks and shrill warnings from every other kind of bird in the area. so, off for a nap....if you read my previous post you'll know why. i actually accomplished half-a-lot....i got half of my paperwork done, took diva for half a walk (too freezing cold to go far), got half my prep done to solder, ate half my lunch, did half a load of laundry. now to go FULLY asleep! L.

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