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Thursday, April 03, 2008

ahhh thursday

it's thursday...my friday! still feeling like a booger factory and cough cough cough, but much better....better living through chemistry. that robitussin does the trick. of course it also made my mouth move like a chainsaw...yak yak yak. could not stop it all day. one man on the phones today actually said: "i can't listen anymore" and hung up. thankfully. he was not a nice man. so i've been racing around trying to get my application/CD/etc ready to get to the Everson tomorrow (the last day of the deadline of course). all set. last minute is so unlike me. i mean, i'm already packed for my trip next thursday. big surprise. i'll unpack and repack saturday. then wednesday night realize i liked the stuff i packed originally Much Better than the newly repacked stuff, so i'll re-do. again. that's just the beginning of my travel travails. i am not an easy person to travel with, i admit. my husband is the last minute king. this makes me Crazy (crazier?). i have attempted, this trip, to reduce my stress by increasing his. i have demanded that he be completely packed on saturday. he leaves sunday for boston, you see, and doesn't return until wednesday afternoon. he HAD planned to pack then. yeah right. NOW he informs me that his son has a Very Important lax game wednesday evening (in another city) and he will go to that. so we have to be at the airport thursday at 4am. y'all are fairly guffawing by now, aren't you? y'all just KNOW what will occur that morning. i can't even think about it. by the time we touch down in St Thomas (IF we make it) there will be Trouble. so by making him pack on saturday, he will go against his grain, but at least i won't have to listen to him swear and tear around at the best part of thursday morning while he tries to stuff a suitcase. i have already been harping on him for 2 months to find his birth certificate. so Tues night i Made him search. no can find. it is already too late to get one. i finally found it. i will tell him saturday. i guess the reason i hate to travel with another person is that my comfort level of timing is way off kilter with most everyone elses. i NEED to be extravagantly early. even if it means having to go through security 5 times because i have to go outside AGAIN to smoke. even if it means we are the only ones in the airport besides the cleaning crew. i do not care. and when i travel with my husband...oy vey. the responsibility of keeping track of Everything is on me - tickets, ID, etc, yet he fights me every step of the way....where's your birth certificate and license, husband? i thought i gave it to you. No. pat pat pat of the pockets. drip drip drip of sweat down my back. the boldest thing i ever did was this: i went to New Orleans years ago with a boyfriend. we were thinking of moving there (he is a jazz musician). we stayed with a musician friend of his, whose wife did not like me. at all. at all. so any time spent with them was misery. on the way to the airport to come home, we stopped in for a champagne brunch. boyfriend got rocked on champagne. i detest drunks. then we got stuck in a parade on the way to the airport. we were minutes from flight time as they pulled up. i grabbed my suitcase out of the car, said thank you for the hospitality, and made for the gate. they held the plane. he got stuck in security (the boots i'd given him had metal chains on them that kept beeping the equipment). he finally got on the plane, past the grumbling passengers who couldn't believe they had to wait for This. ...and his trombone in the hard case hitting everyone in the head as he made his way to his seat - the last row of the plane. luckily. before we even took off, he was in the bathroom sick, where he stayed for the entire flight. but my point is, i just decided that i would not be responsible for a grown person to get themselves where they needed to be. it is a bit different when there are wedding rings involved. so we recognize each other's idiocyncracies and try to work around them. anyway...time for bed. L

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