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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

following the birds

sorry - i missed a day - okay 2. it's been a busy time in nature, and for me. after a long, restful summer, spent partaking in the bounty of the earth, the birds are edgy and anxious to start their trek south - not unlike kids told too soon that they would be leaving for Disney. it isn't time yet, but in kid-time, every minute is an hour when there's something good at the end of the line. yesterday, my trees were black with birds - an astounding sight....all cheering about something. thousands of birds - very Hitchcock-esque. even Nikki stopped looking for her favorite chipmunk for a while and stood staring at the trees. they knew. the birds were following some internal urging that something big was coming....it was time to stop the usual day-to-day, to pay attention, take stock - today would be different. after about 15 minutes, they all lifted off at the same moment and flew away. the silence left behind was enveloping. it's migration time for them. the beautiful sun-colored finches have shed their finery and shrugged into winter plumage - grey and brown. they will stay the winter with me, flitting to the window feeder, peeking in. i'm listening to a Natures Classics CD that has background music of the classics with sounds of birds, wolves, and water burbling all mixed together. an awesome meoment - i have the house to myself. me and little girl dog. my favorite days are like this. just the sounds that i make filling the rooms...no stress to deflect, no lists made for me to "keep busy," no obligations to anyone or anything, except the natural urgings of my muse. sometimes a gentle whisper, a gentle wing-brush against my thoughts...sometimes bold and pushy - i must create at those times or be unable to do anything else. the push is so strong, the ideas so clear and insistant, that to ignore them is to deny my self breath. and a day like today is perfect for giving myself over to that tap-tap-tapping impatient foot of the muse. the project is being born gloriously, painfully, under my hand. the physical work - mine. the direction coming from unseen places i have been, either in sleep, or awake and closing my mind's eyes to shield them. my friend moved to Colorado, near a place called Garden of the Gods. the picture is above. couldn't you just.......? L.

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