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Thursday, July 25, 2013

when i get a really really nice email, i save it in a folder called "nice things" and look through it when i feel like a boost.  here's a cool thing i got from Melody Ross at Brave Girls Camp:

You were not meant to fit in.  You were born to stand out.  Embrace that part of yourself.

it makes me smile to read that.  it goes on to say that we should never ever ever let anyone convince us that we should change, or basically that we need improvement, etc.

and that makes me smile.  I can convince myself to improve, but no one else can tell me what to change.  so so true.  only i can intuit the path i need to journey.  only i know what is best for me.  Me.  and it isn't necessarily a battle, but more of a conviction and standing firm.  A few months ago, for example,  a series of non-related events were thrown in my path like police stop sticks in front of a speeding felons car.  and it was then that i learned that, yes, it is a gentle thing to be the first to reach out and work things out with a misunderstanding.  but...there are times when it really needs to be the other person who makes the big effort.  That i am worthy of an apology.  and i had made the approach, but will not beg and wheedle and cajole.  i will be an adult and ask if they want to discuss, then move on.  in one case, it was a sad reckoning.  in two others, it became clear that i had been the guy with the mop at the end of the parade, and now - not so much.  those times are past.  and these lessons have been good now that we have Henry in our home:
it has always been my responsibility to care for the pets, whether i wanted to get up at the crack of dawn or not.  but there was discussion and promises to make this an equal share from day 1.  and guess what?  i will stick to those words, even if it means pee pee on the floor.  i will not spend my day following a puppy around - no matter how damn cute - to make sure there are no accidents, when there is another adult human who can.  and it will take a few weeks to train them both, but it can be done!
meanwhile, i need a hug, so i am wishing you a day as carefree as a puppy's, and enough love to smother you!

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