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Saturday, July 20, 2013

much lighter, thank you

a few days ago, i posted about weight gain clothes don't fit feeling yukky need to exercise yada yada.  so i decided to put my money where my mouth was, rather than another cupcake.  every morning, i've been getting up and watering the landscape plants and lawn. by hand.  this is a big job.  not only is the yard big, with many areas of landscaping, but the hose is coiled Just So on a hose holder thing just above my head on the side of the house.  so uncoiling, dragging and re-coiling is a good arm workout.  after that, i go for the walk that i used to take diva on.  only faster.  it isn't as bad as i thought it would be, emotionally,  and a pretty good clip when i'm walking alone.  it's about 20 minutes, so not too long and not too short.

today, i looked at my closets and thought - who are you kidding?  i know i purged them recently-ish, but i knew there were still a "few" things left that should find another home.  i started at 9am.  i am almost finished at 4:38.  there were tubs and tubs and tubs of stuff to go.  the big tubs.  40 gallon.  everything folded nice nice.  many tubs.  and i have a few thousand bucks worth of stuff to go to the consignment shop in town ...stuff i can make a buck off of because of the label.  some of it, i actually bought there originally.
and it really kind of made me ill to see all the money invested in....what?  clothes?  and i am no better or worse of a person.  i just have a fascination for pretty things.  maybe another addiction to break - shopping?  And husband too...he has his own wing at the thrift store.  so here we run around saying there's no money for this or that, yet...

okay, new day new way.  and the closets look great...my poor crammed dresser looks neat and emptied, and i feel lighter.  The dust that had collected in one of the closets has lodged in my sinuses, though, and my voice is a froggie croak.  BUT - i know that when i reach for a shirt - it will be the right size.  and there is still a boatload of stuff, which is truly embarrassing to have that much stuff.  but - new day new way.  we are off to the movies tonight - couldn't decide between Heat or Red2, so we picked Despicable Me2.  Bring it on, Agnes!

I'm off Facebook for a while, so I can spend my time better...in the real pool or walking, now that the heat wave is supposed to break.  And my reward - Orange is the New Black, on Netflix.  so good!

Clear it, clean it, make room for magic.....

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Kim Mailhot said...

You are brilliant, Lady! Enjoy the space between... And I know you will love Despicable Me!!!! Love ya!!