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a full time artist, stepmother, radio personality, and mom to an energetic Chug dog, tries to get through the days without committing a felonious act. My life is a rickety Zen circus.


Wednesday, September 05, 2012

today, my to-do list was really more of a compilation...a list of lists, sort of.  a long line of things I Should Have Done in the past week, two weeks maybe.  three at the most.  but instead, had opted out.  perhaps a pillow day.  maybe a little unplanned chaos.  whatever it was, brought me to the list of today. which was huge.
and my pillow looked good.  but it was crunch time and deadline time on a few of the items that were of uber importance to me and a host of others that were counting on me.
so, with a very small spoon, i dug in, convinced that i would just sample a few of the tastier items, then nap.
well, one thing led to another.  and here's the part of my list that i got done:
poured resin for 12 necklaces
pulled resin out of my hair (damn it! note to self - RUBBER BANDS)
called Kendalia to beg for hair appointment to fix above mentioned item (neglected to mention       problem)
secured storage space
wrote 4 press releases
wrote 1 magazine article
sent 24 emails (business)
sent 17 emails (non-business)
downloaded Adele 21 to iPod
answered 32 emails (business)
made 14 phone calls (mix biz & personal)
cleaned up cat vomit
ate breakfast (not related to above, but way overdue)
actually showered and washed hair (now have a large tangle where resin was/is) (cried)

not a bad morning.  i now plan to:
walk Diva
write 2 workshop proposals
figure out what to make for dinner
shop for above, since i forgot to defrost anything or just buy ready-made from Paul at Wegmans
finish altered book that must be in the mail tomorrow (what just WHAT was I thinking??)
try to find a corporate sponsor to pay for a cake for a fundraiser i'm doing.

then nap.

i won't let that list pile up again, i can assure you of that!
(yeah right)


Barb said...

Wowser, you did all that in the morning??? You got your mojo workin'-you are a productive soul!

her father's daughter said...

yeah - maybe i do need a nap. we can get take-out for dinner :)