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Friday, September 07, 2012

holy jupiter

so perhaps asking a cat for help deciding on life's biggest questions seems a bit, unethical?  no that's not the word.  sketchy?  dodgy? disrespectful to the depth of the question/quandry?  silly?  not too bright?  oy.  anyway.  i spent some idle time noodling around the world wide web (rather than ticking off chores from my list which is being crunched by time) and ended up asking a black cat named jupiter a question that i had previously dared not form in my mind.  and Jupiter replied: Allow The Crumbling.
amazingly right on for a cartoon representation of what i assume is a real cat, even if it's very real owner is a wonderful person.  Allow The Crumbling.  which is the perfect answer, of course.  all along, i've felt the need to force, decide, weigh, prop up, plan, etc.  Instead, Allow The Crumbling is brilliant.  When the crumbling is complete, what will stand will be the strongest part.  the un-crumblable.  sturdy. invincible.  whichever way the cookie crumbles, the strengths will remain, and just the strengths.  (like the raisins or chocolate chips - they don't crumble).  and if the strengths bear no resemblance to what is important to my goal, then there will be my answer - and it will come about naturally, not by my hand.  not with my intervention and perhaps a bit of unintentional influence. so i will wait till it seems like the crumbling of this particular situation has completed, then...decide and weigh.  but not force.   no never.

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