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Monday, September 10, 2012


spent the afternoon lazy....too much to do + no sleep for 3 days =overwhelmed.  So i got a few things to the post office, picked up Diva at Camp Grandma's, and did some easy, gentle cool things that i wanted to do.  tonight, i will definitely be taking a sleeping pill.  Not something i like to do, but it is needed.  i know myself, and will begin to devolve in ugly and irrevocable ways if i don't get some sleep.  and it's past the point of being tired, so time to call in professional strength help.  i spent a few hours this afternoon cozy comfy in my new papasan chair in the official Cozy Corner, with my "homework" for a new vessel assemblage, and the Most Amazing Quilt Evah.  I have a friend, Gail, who is a quilting rock star.  we met at a quilt shop, waaay back when, and i admired her color sense (all colors go with all colors) and her design ability (a-mazing).  But most of all, I admire her ability to finish things.  we signed up for a class that I had no business taking.  it was medium density difficult, but it had so so many things to sew together.  sooo many.  and of course, midway through the day, i just abandoned my project and wandered around, depriving everyone else of their concentration, and generally running errands.  a little bit after the class, i knew i would never finish this quilt, but the fabric was awesome and expensive, so i gave it to Gail.  fast forward to 2008 (i told you it was a while ago!) and it's my birthday.  and Gail hands me this big gi-normous box.  i unwrap a quilt that Gail made me out of the unfinished project (she finished it even better than the original!) which she name "Full Circle."  I was blown away.  blown away.  people never make art for artists, it seems.  but we like art.  and i love this quilt for everything that it is, and all that it represents.  when i look at it, i hear Gail laughing (usually at me!) and think about her incredibly decorated house that just oozes her personality.  so, i think everyone should have a Gail in their life, and you should appreciate them with everything you have in you, because they are thoughtful, clear-hearted, and kind.

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I am verklempt! I love you, too!