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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

unfold your own myth

one of my favorite poems by Rumi, and included in a recent blog post by Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch.  I have a piece of artwork with this quote included in the collage.  but i turned it in my hand this morning, letting the sunlight sparkle through it…unfold your own myth.  a myth is a magical, yet usually untrue, story we tell.  so, "my own myth" would be a story i've told myself…the beginning of that line of the poem is "Don't be satisfied with stories, how things have gone for others, unfold your own myth."  I always looked at that as meaning that i shouldn't sit on the sidelines watching others' success - that i should leap up and make my own.  that's true.  but another way of looking at it is: unfold, get rid of, the untrue stories you tell yourself…you can't because…or, i am such-and-such - too fat, too old, too slow, too whatever or not enough whatever.
you are.  you are you.  and you were made that way for a reason.  unfold your myth…the tight little wad of paper that has your failings on it…unfold it and float it off somewhere, or burn it in a blazing bonfire.  but whatever YOUR myth is, unfold it.  like an origami dragon, you'll see it's just a piece of paper.
then write the new story of the new myth on that piece of dragon paper.
don't be satisfied when someone says the water is too cold - someone else's myth - someone else's bad experience - someone else's journey… unfold your own.

now i'm off to visit a Rock Fairy and will be MIA for a week.  enjoy your new myth.  i'll be watching...


Kelley said...

A mentor once told me that when I encounter those types of stories I should just say (to myself or to the story teller), "I don't see the truth in that." Something I need to maybe tattoo on my wrist so I don't forget!

Have a fun trip!!

henrysmom said...

Tattoo! Xox Kelley!