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Thursday, March 13, 2008

the push

had a feeling this was coming...the boss has asked me to work a FULL week next week...the team needs me. actually the team needs about 8 more members. don't you just hate it when companies expand faster than their ability to service their customers? our newest member left monday night as usual, then called tues to say his baby had to have surgery. like, didn't you know that on monday? hasn't been back since. called to say the baby was doing fine (which was all ANYONE cared about) and that he'd understand if he didn't have a job anymore. dufus. if he came back tomorrow, they'd make him queen. that's how desperate we are for help. and the longer people wait on hold, the nastier they get. i swear to GOD if i ever find out ANYONE i know is sarcastic, nasty or rude to ANY customer service person on the phone, i will call you and make a loud noise into the earpiece and perhaps deafen you for life. it is NOT my fault that you had a lousy dental experience. it is not my fault that your lousy dental insurance crapped out on their end of the bargain and decided not to pay for your lousy dental experience. I can try to fix the problem, even though YOUR insurance is YOUR problem. i'm just that kinda person....going the extra mile. or i can simply write off the balance due if it's small enough. or go to bat for you and have someone written up. there is a lot i CAN do to help you feel warm & fuzzy ...and i am so very willing to do it IF you act like an adult talking to another adult. I have a college degree... i'm 50 years old...i've been on your end of the phone before many times, so i understand. truly. and i have n-e-v-e-r been nasty to the other person. ever. so do NOT roll all your life's disappointments into a giant ball, call me, and heave all your verbal purgings at me. i am not an emotional pinata for your whim. and i so desperately DO NOT need this job that i will hang up on you and you will have to wait 20 MORE minutes to yell at the next person. or, if luck should find me twice, you may get ME back again. and i'll be ready for you, my friend. whew. i feel better! but where was i going with this? oh - the 5-day week. after i just finished gloating about a 3-day week. i have been feeling like I may be pushing it in the luck dept with this whole part-time thing. i mean it was last august that it started, and i'm sure they thought it was a 2-3 week gig. things are just starting to pop for me opportunity-wise, so i'd hate to waffle it all up. nothing more frustrating than having all the opportunity but no time to create stuff to take advantage of that opportunity. we'll see what next week brings. though i can guess. 5 days of weak coffee, 5 mystery sandwiches, 2 extra days of trying to find similar socks, 2 extra days of missing my diva. she sits by the frosted glass panel by my front door every morning watching the car back out. i try not to look, but i can see her little ears. apparently then she starts her wolf howl, though it sounds more like Zamfir swallowed his Pan Flute because she is a leetle bitty wolfy. tomorrow is her followup appt with Dr. Unibrow. i hope he says a-o-k, and gives her her (literal) walking papers. she is just going crazy after no walks for 12 weeks. well, let's say "not many walks," because i snuck 1 or 2 in. but not many more. so, time to get cracking on my rust....because next week i have to work. 5 days. oh yeah poor me. sometimes i really shake my head at myself. L

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Anonymous said...

You are having a serious lapse in postage, missy!!! I look forward to your wordage!!! QOTU