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Saturday, March 08, 2008


yesterday i was noodling around some of my favorite blogs, and it seemed everyone was having a blue day. oddly, i was working on a piece and the main color was blue! however.....it was anything but a "blue" day for me. (always one to be 1 step out of step i guess!). some amazing things happened. actually a small series of happy things that just made it a Gratitude day. i'll start with the mundane: in my never-ending quest for glasses/contacts that Actually Improve my vision, i've finally hooked up with an optician/opthalmologist who seems to know her stuff. we'll see upon delivery of my new groovy glasses (lime green and black). now, on to other issues. on my list of Things To Do, was a trip to the Delavan Art Center to see my angelfriend who had some really really swell boxes for me...and some incredible rust n stuff. (i accidentally took her emergency tire inflator thingie too. oops). on my way out the door, i saw a brochere for a call-for-artwork. the deadline, alas, was that day. HOWEVER there was a little sticker in the corner of this only-brochere-left that said the deadline had been extended!! my problem is that i never know what images to send. each piece is equal in my sight, so i waver like a bad politician till the deadlines pass for these things. this time, i'll close my eyes and pick. so that was a good thing. now, these little gems are in no particular order of occurance or importance, so follow my winding trail here. when i got up yesterday, i started work on another piece(!) using the aforementioned and dreaded Blue as the main color. i'm a rust and patina gal, and Really Really hate Blue...my mom once decorated every room in our house blue, and you get to being bored with it after a while. anyway, this Blue ws unfamiliar territory, so i thought i'd procrastinate a bit and went to check out some favorite blogs. well! you know how i've been crying and gnashing my teeth over wanting to go to a workshop this summer? too far...too expensive...too not interesting. but i really felt like i needed to expand my skills. so right there was a workshop. mentioned in the very first blog i checked. in New Hampshire. not so awful far. not like Portland. or Tuscany. it's at the same location where they filmed On Golden Pond. and the Very First class i saw was the EXACT class i'd been searching for. it felt as good as a puzzle piece clicking into place. the cost isn't so awful bad....actually inexpensive for this type of thing. now i need $1000, so concentrate your energies on that! but wait! my angelfriend also (on top of procuring uberboxes) told me about a professional development grant i could apply for to defray the costs. be still my heart. i floated the idea past husband and he grudgingly said he wouldn't mind. (now, just so you know, that was a courtesy "ask," as i was planning to go either way). so i will be stingy with my money between now and then! i'm sending the application in today. so all in all, it was a Blue day, but not the kind of blue that makes me sad...more like a clear sky blue. *** so the stepson is coming home for a visit today. i think he's been taking his "protein supplement" powder because his attitude has been horrible...quick to anger and unable to control it. he actually told a professor that he "didn't work THIS hard a paper to get an F-ing D on it," and stormed out of the class. according to his sister. now, that is unacceptable behavior in any situation, but especially in a college classroom. a catholic college classroom. and especially if you ever ever hope to get a better grade from that professor....if you're allowed back in. so that will be dealt with by the husband while they're in a car going 60MPH coming home. i truly hope he stays at his mom's. i am not in the mood for his chaos this weekend. i have a lot to do, and don't want to leave diva alone with him. he yells at her and scares her. and she's been such a good princess lately. so my double-caffeine coffee is making me ramble now, so i'm going to say goodbye. then i'll probably call each of you and repeat everything i just wrote, so don't bother reading this, or don't answer if i call....L.

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