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Thursday, March 27, 2008

okay so where was i?

you know, my resolution was to stay positive on this blog, and so yes, it's true....i've lapsed in posting. the last week in particular has tried my patience and trampled on my last reserve nerve with Mother Issues. i won't degenerate into a blow-by-blow, but it seems that the epiphanous moments Mom & i have shared since last summer have POOF been yanked back behind closed doors. heavy doors. doors with stained glass windows. church doors. now i have tried out just about every religion there is and had come to the realization that it was my Beliefs, not a building that would would save my soul or forever damn it or whatever such stuff. i allow, however, that for some people, the pews and preaching and penance are the stuff that gets them by. and i have no quarrel with that. just Do Not use that as a cloak to hide yourself from me (or the world) while you sling arrows hidden in a bible. ***i was begged to work a full week last week due to a staffing crisis. so of course i did. mostly. it was too much. i left friday at noon. but i tried. so i've worn myself out here. i feel like an emotional pinata...hung up and whacked at. no candy fell though. i had to shop for days to get over it. so after all this bitchin and ranting, wants something to make you go "aaaawwww" ? grab a kleenex and watch this... http://www.telestereo.com/Archivos/video.html so good. now. time to hug my diva and try on my new shoes. L.

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