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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

only a mother would understand

…and a mother of a young child might well scoff at me, but here it is anyway:
at 9:40 this morning, I dropped my Henry off for his 1st visit to doggie playcare.  it's just 3 hours, for his evaluation visit.  but when we got there, 2 other dogs, regulars, were being dropped off and it was a little chaotic.  the owner said she would call if there was a problem, and Henry wasn't sure exactly what was going on.  my instinct said to tell the owner that we would wait for the drop off people to be taken care of, then start off on the right paw.  but i didn't.  instead, i went a few doors down and wandered the aisles of Kmart, looking at Joe Boxer sports bras, and sweat pants and baby onesies (for a neighbor), and really, just wandered.  missing my Henry, who was probably having the time of his little life.  but i should have stayed and made sure the transition was less abrupt.  for both of us.  and made sure i saw exactly where he would be playing.  i had to bring his food in a little bag with his name on it, just in case.  he was nervous about getting in the car - remembering it was just a week ago that the ride ended at Dr. Ewa's.  I hope he thinks he's at The Best Place On Earth right now.  i just wish there was a way i could watch him play there…2-way mirrors or something.  i remember last night trying to plan what i'd do with my day, or at least my responsibility-free three hours.  now i'll just mope and fret until it's time to pick him up and hold his warm little body next to mine.  i hope he'll still have his Frito smell, and not smell like Other Dog Slobber.  i told him to stay away from any dog that had fleas, and I'll check him over when he gets home.  yes, i know i sound like a dope.  but Henry is my Henry.  he is my weakness, my kryptonite.

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Kim Mailhot said...

Kooky puppy momma!