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Friday, December 13, 2013


my email is getting a lump of coal from santa this year.  my apologies if you've emailed me and have had no response - the mail did not come through.  some emails are making it to my phone, but not my computer, and some not at all.  so i apologize.  that also means that if you leave a comment, it may not get published, or it may get delayed - blogger sends them to me for approval by email, and then i flip the switch on them.  (having had too many male enhancement ads end up in comments, i just had to do it).
so that's the dealio.

(and Denise! I don't have your email, but wanted to contact you! if you put contact info in comments, i promise not to publish it - when i finally get the notification.  see above).

My PSD has entrusted me with a sacred memento of her beautiful horse - a snippet of his mane, and a small piece of leather from his bridle.  Today I will begin designing a necklace for her with these newly sacred objects.  I am honored for her trust in me, knowing how much these mean to her.

It's funny how an object is overlooked or even a mundane, unseen thing until the moment it becomes sacred…my FBI sweatshirt was always special to me, but I wore it when we took diva dog to her vet appointment, and i couldn't bring myself to wash her fur and scent out of it until last week.  it was time. i have my father's briefcase, and despite it weighing a ton, it will always be with me.  Just objects.  but sacred tethers.

i stopped making necklaces last spring.  well, let me explain.  i now only make talisman or memento  necklaces for specific people with a specific purpose.  i am taking commission work for those - whether it be a necklace, or a shrine box - but stopped making "just regular necklaces."  right now, i'm working on a shrine box to hold the ashes of a woman's beloved kitty.  it seems violating to take pictures of it, but perhaps i'll make one just as a sample and show you here.  i appreciate the trust that total strangers have placed in me - knowing that i consider their objects as sacred as they do.  right now, i have quite a number of pieces to work on, but will be continuing to schedule in others - just not in time for Christmas, most likely.

It feels like a prayer to be able to provide these pieces for people.  Sort of like the memory quilts, but with updated interest.

okay - to the jeweler's bench and time to hammer!

wishing you a sacred day, filled with new eyes to see old objects….

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Kim Mailhot said...

Oh, she will love it ! How great to have special inspiration for a piece like that. You are a treasure keeper ! Love that !
Happy Friday, Beautiful !

(If you get this ? arghhhh!)