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Thursday, June 20, 2013

so much clatter and chaos outside my window this morning...robin's peeping with all they've got...squirrels barking...calls of warning going up loud and insistent...ah ha - the culprit...

as seen through the spotting scope and captured with an iPhone.  he is magnificent, and has called our backyard area home for the second summer.  the robins, hyper-protective, were dive-bombing the poor guy and calling for the whole armada.  and they came...all manner of squawking, chirping, barking animal.  notably missing were the crows, which never seem to miss a chance to harass and torment the hawks.  must have an agreement with this owl.  At any rate, it derailed my perfectly planned work morning.  funny about plans, eh?  so now I'm waiting on some beeswax to melt, and will pick up where i left off.

OWL: meditate in silence in darkness for the next few nights and see what is revealed to you. (Steven D. Farmer)

still looking for a Very Good home for this sweetie...

Love love love that plans are coming together for a visit with my Rock Fairy...our friendship gets sweeter and sweeter, and i love the quietness of it.
ok - off to wax, then later today, a trip to snag some cashmere...or maybe a lake visit...both are jumping up and down yelling Pick Me!
wishing you a day of sweetness and quiet meditation...with an inner child jumping for joy inside.

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Kim Mailhot said...

Wow ! He is beautiful !!!!
So cool that he comes as the solstice and the summer moon come too - meditation magic, I am sure !
Beach day for me tomorrow - a solstice treat on the longest day. It is supposed to be 85 degrees though the water will be 60. Yikes ! A book and some sunscreen and an umbrella will make for a happy camper me.
Happy waxing, Lovely friend !